Earth & Wheat Takes a Bite Out of Fruit Waste with Fruit Variety Box

Earth & Wheat, the trailblazing company dedicated to combating food waste, is shaking up the industry once again with the launch of its newest product, the 5kg fruit variety box. Building on their success with surplus and wonky food boxes, Earth & Wheat’s latest move into the realm of fruits is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Since its inception in 2021, Earth & Wheat has been at the forefront of the fight against food waste. Their initial breakthrough came with the world’s first ‘wonky bread’ box, which offered consumers a chance to purchase slightly imperfect yet perfectly delicious bread at a reduced price. 

Following its success, the company expanded its offerings to include wonky veg boxes, catering to health-conscious customers who didn’t mind a few blemishes on their vegetables. Additionally, Earth & Wheat then delighted patrons with a range of artisanal, mouthwatering patisserie treats, and plant-based bread options that appealed to eco-conscious individuals.

Now, Earth & Wheat is tackling fruit waste, recognising that fruits are one of the most wasted food items in the United Kingdom. According to WRAP research, more than half of the food waste generated by the UK’s manufacturing and retail sectors is avoidable, contributing to an astonishing 1.9 million tonnes of wasted food and drink each year. Out of this, a staggering 1.1 million tonnes are avoidable losses, resulting in a shocking £1.9 billion in wasted resources.

The company’s founder, whose passion for food waste reduction drives every decision, believes that targeting fruit waste was the logical next step in their mission. Seasonality, demand fluctuations, and variations in weather conditions can all lead to wonky or surplus crops. Unfortunately, this then often results in perfectly edible and nutritious fruits being discarded simply because they do not meet the strict aesthetic standards set by retailers.

In response to this, the 5kg fruit variety box aims to change this wasteful practice by intervening at the source. Earth & Wheat has partnered with fruit producers, suppliers, and growers from across the UK to rescue wonky and surplus fruits at the point of production. These perfectly tasty fruits, which may be deemed too big, too small, too odd, or strange-looking, find a new home in the variety boxes, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Furthermore, the founder stressed that food waste must be addressed at the farm level to make a genuine impact on the global food waste crisis. By saving these odd fruits before they even reach the shelves, Earth & Wheat is taking a critical step towards a more sustainable future. The company champions the idea that wonky and surplus fruits should not be dismissed as waste but instead celebrated for their unique shapes and flavours.

Additionally, the fruit variety box offers a diverse assortment of seasonal fruits, allowing customers to experience the delights of nature’s bounty while supporting local farmers and producers. With every purchase, Earth & Wheat’s patrons actively contribute to reducing food waste and creating a more sustainable food ecosystem.

In conclusion, Earth & Wheat’s dedication to reducing food waste is more than just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to a better future. By expanding their product range to include the fruit variety box, the company is sending a clear message to the industry and consumers alike, that every bite matters. 

As they strive to revolutionise the food supply chain, Earth & Wheat is proving that a small change in perception can lead to a significant reduction in food waste. Together with their valued customers, Earth & Wheat is sowing the seeds of a greener, more responsible tomorrow, one fruit at a time.

News Credits: Earth & Wheat diversifies with surplus fruit

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