Unbeleafable Salads: A Fresh and Sustainable Revolution

GrowUp Farms has taken a bold step forward in the world of sustainable food production with the launch of Unbeleafable, the first range of ready-to-eat salads grown in a vertical farm, hitting the shelves of major UK supermarkets. Available in selected Tesco stores from 26th July, Unbeleafable salads promise to deliver a fresh, crisp, and delicious experience while championing environmental sustainability.

The Unbeleafable range is cultivated at GrowUp Farms’ vertical farm, Pepperness, nestled in the picturesque region of Kent. Pepperness utilises cutting-edge technology to create the perfect growing conditions for salad leaves, boasting a pesticide-free environment that eliminates the need for chlorine washing. 

What’s more, these innovative practices result in salads that are not only tastier but also stay fresher for longer than their bagged counterparts typically found in supermarkets within the United Kingdom.

Moreover, it is believed that Unbeleafable salads are a game-changer in the realm of fresh produce. With research conducted by Unbeleafable, they found that 98% of consumers admit to throwing away bagged salads, with the survey being conducted by Attest into shopping habits and consumer attitudes on 12th July 2023 with 1,000 respondents. 

What was shocking to the company was that this staggering wastage highlights the need for salads that stay fresh longer, and Unbeleafable is confident that their salads will be less likely to meet such a fate.

Furthermore, by producing year-round in the UK at their Kent vertical farm, Unbeleafable is taking a significant stride towards sustainability. With the UK importing 67% of its salads annually and over 90% during winters, source provided by DEFRA Horticultural Statistics from 2022, the move towards domestic production stands as a pivotal step in reducing the nation’s carbon footprint. Also, the proximity to consumers minimises transportation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Pepperness, powered entirely by renewable energy from an adjacent bioenergy plant, epitomises GrowUp Farms’ vision of a greener future. The farm’s innovative water-saving techniques are expected to reduce water usage by a staggering 94% compared to traditional field or greenhouse farming methods. 

Therefore, this innovative water-saving initiative, combined with the use of renewable energy, helps Unbeleafable to significantly reduce its environmental impact, setting new standards for sustainable agriculture.

Speaking about their remarkable journey, the founder of GrowUp Farms, who attended Rishi Sunak’s Farm to Fork Summit earlier this year, proudly remarked that at GrowUp Farms, they have been cultivating unbelievably good leaves for over a decade. Pepperness, which is their latest farm, demonstrates the commercial viability of vertical farming and its crucial role in sustainable UK food production.

Additionally, the founder shared the delight expressed by consumers, adding that when people taste their salad, they tell them that they didn’t know lettuce could taste that good or last all week! What’s more, their research confirmed that 98% of shoppers throw away bagged salad, making them incredibly proud that Unbeleafable can help consumers reduce overall food waste.

Unbeleafable’s excitement is palpable as they offer a diverse range of salads, from mild to strong, all featuring the freshest, crispest, and longer-lasting leaves in the United Kingdom. This revolutionary approach to bagged salads is set to reshape the category, and the company is thrilled to partner with Tesco to bring these extraordinary greens to more British consumers. 

Furthermore, Tesco’s support aligns with the company’s sustainable vision, aiming to enhance the UK’s self-sufficiency and cultivate a more resilient food and farming system.

In addition to the environmental benefits, Unbeleafable has also been proactive in contributing to the local economy. The launch of the Unbeleafable range has provided employment opportunities in the Kent region, benefiting the community and fostering a sense of pride in supporting local produce.

It’s worth noting that the Unbeleafable salads are reasonably priced at £1.50 for a 90g bag, making them an accessible option for environmentally-conscious consumers looking to make a positive impact on their plate and planet. With the rising awareness of sustainable and locally sourced food, Unbeleafable’s commitment to responsible farming practices and delicious, long-lasting salads positions them as a frontrunner in the market.

In conclusion, Unbeleafable Salads represents a groundbreaking leap towards sustainable food production. With their vertical farm technology, pesticide-free cultivation, and year-round UK production, GrowUp Farms sets an inspiring example for the entire industry. 

Moreover, by providing delicious, long-lasting greens, they empower consumers to reduce food waste and contribute to building a more resilient and eco-friendly food system. As Unbeleafable’s fresher, crisper leaves take centre stage on Tesco’s shelves, it heralds a new era of responsible and flavorful eating for the UK, one bite at a time. 

And lastly, together with Tesco’s support, Unbeleafable is driving the movement towards a greener and more sustainable future for the nation’s food supply chain. With Unbeleafable salads seeming like a beacon of hope, it’s undeniable that the future of fresh and eco-friendly produce is firmly in their capable hands. 

News Credits: Vertically farmed leafy salads now available in Tesco

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