Serious Sweets Company Expands its Confectionery Empire

In a dynamic move that promises to reshape the confectionery landscape, The Serious Sweets Company (SSC) has announced its strategic acquisition of the share capital and branded interests of Nom Bites Ltd. This acquisition brings under its wing the renowned Lexi’s range of mallow and protein bars, a captivating addition that embodies both flavour and health-consciousness.

Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Alexei Khatiwada in 2020, Lexi’s emerged with a singular mission: to craft a line of irresistibly delicious, allergy-friendly treats that would tantalise taste buds without compromising on health. The Lexi’s brand rapidly ascended the ranks, establishing itself as a distinguished supplier of mallow crispy rice treats and protein bars. With distribution channels spanning D2C, Ocado, Amazon, and Foodservice avenues, Lexi’s had carved out a prominent spot in the market.

The financial details of this acquisition remain undisclosed, veiled in secrecy as SSC solidifies its presence in the confectionery sector. The Lexi’s brand, with its dedication to crafting treats that cater to a diverse array of dietary needs, aligns seamlessly with SSC’s ongoing mission to redefine confectionery experiences. This acquisition bolsters SSC’s position as a leading player, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Notably, SSC has strategically extended its confectionery realm through a series of calculated acquisitions. In 2022, the company incorporated Mighty Fine, renowned for its premium honeycomb offerings, and Mr Stanley’s, a quintessentially English gifting confectionery brand, into its portfolio. 

Additionally, earlier this year, the acquisition spree continued with the addition of Mallow & Marsh, the UK’s premier marshmallow brand, and the wholesale manufacturing arm of John Bull, which was rebranded as the Real Candy Co.

Radiating enthusiasm, the Managing Director of SSC conveyed their delight in welcoming Lexi’s to their confectionery family. The newly acquired range of gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free bars seamlessly complements SSC’s existing suite of brands, allowing them to satisfy the cravings of a diverse customer base. 

Excitingly, the upcoming months will witness a meticulous integration of Lexi’s products into SSC’s extensive repertoire, as they embark on a journey of innovation and synergy.

Alexei Khatiwada, the driving force behind Lexi’s, spoke with equal excitement about this pivotal acquisition. For Lexi’s, this marks a remarkable milestone, as they tap into the surging demand for their award-winning treats. The growth journey, which sprouted from a humble home kitchen, has now blossomed into a sweeping success, with millions of treats delighting consumers across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Behind this strategic manoeuvre is Rob Whitehead, a seasoned visionary with over two decades of experience in the food industry. Recognising the flourishing crafted food movement in 2014, Whitehead identified a gap in the market for premium sweets that would resonate with a modern audience. With SSC’s inception, he aimed to revive the essence of quality English confectionery while infusing it with new waves of innovation.

As SSC Brands charts a dynamic trajectory, the amalgamation with Lexi’s stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to consumer-centric evolution. This acquisition reflects the convergence of heritage craftsmanship and pioneering innovation, promising a symphony of confectionery delights to satisfy every palate.

In conclusion, The Serious Sweets Company’s acquisition of Lexi’s range ushers in a new era for the confectionery industry. The melding of two distinct confectionery philosophies promises a symphony of flavours that cater to an array of dietary preferences. 

As SSC Brands masterfully blends tradition with innovation, this acquisition stands as a testament to their relentless pursuit of crafting confectionery experiences that capture the essence of both indulgence and well-being.

News Credits: Serious Sweets expands reach with fresh acquisition

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