Acorn Brewery Finds New Roots with Sonas Capital

Yorkshire-based Acorn Brewery, a beloved cornerstone of the region’s craft beer scene, embarks on a new and promising journey as it joins forces with the dynamic business acquisition and development specialist, Sonas Capital

This acquisition not only ensures the continuation of Acorn Brewery’s storied legacy but also introduces a fresh chapter of growth and innovation. Founded in 2003, the brewery has been a proud producer of up to 170 brewer-barrels per week at its well-established facility in the heart of Barnsley.

In a strategic move that reverberates throughout Yorkshire’s brewing landscape, Sonas Capital has taken the reins of Acorn Brewery. With an annual turnover of approximately £1 million, Acorn Brewery’s economic impact and commitment to crafting exceptional beers remain steadfast. 

Furthermore, the core ranges, including the renowned Barnsley Bitter (3.8% abv) and the characterful Old Moor Porter (4.4% abv), epitomises the brewery’s dedication to excellence and tradition.

Founder Dave Hughes, whose vision and passion have steered Acorn Brewery for two decades, will continue to play an instrumental role as the brewery’s journey enters an exciting new phase. Hughes, along with his first wife Judy and brewer Steve Bunting, laid the foundation of Acorn Brewery. 

Even during the challenges of lockdowns, they kept the flame alive, nurturing the unique yeast strain from the 1800s that underscores their commitment to authenticity and craft. As Dave Hughes takes on a more technical and creative role, Sonas Capital brings its strategic expertise to the forefront, guiding Acorn Brewery toward a thriving future.

Additionally, Christy Hughes, the co-director whose marketing and sales acumen fueled Acorn Brewery’s growth, has opted for a well-deserved retirement. Her contributions in building a robust brand and fostering customer relationships leave an indelible mark on the brewery’s history. 

What’s more, her departure is marked by confidence that Acorn Brewery’s legacy and values are in very capable hands.

Sonas Capital, recognised for its ability to nurture and empower businesses, recognised Acorn Brewery as a gem that aligns seamlessly with its portfolio. The managing director of Sonas Capital voiced the firm’s commitment to honouring Acorn’s heritage of exceptional quality and service. 

Moreover, this partnership signifies Sonas Capital’s dedication to channelling investments and strategic marketing toward cultivating growth.

As this transition unfolds, the addition of a new general manager to the team promises fresh perspectives and insights. Acorn Brewery, with its deep-seated connections to pubs and bars across Northern England, is poised to broaden its horizons through Sonas Capital’s seasoned guidance.

In a region where beer is more than a beverage, Acorn Brewery has woven itself into Yorkshire’s cultural fabric. As the baton is passed to Sonas Capital, Acorn Brewery’s legacy of craftsmanship and community engagement stands tall, a testament to its extraordinary journey.

To summarise, this acquisition isn’t just about the exchange of ownership; it heralds the dawn of a promising era. With tradition as the foundation and progress as the guide, Acorn Brewery and Sonas Capital are set to navigate the challenges of the industry together. #

Also, their shared commitment, underpinned by a passion for brewing excellence, promises a future where Acorn Brewery’s legacy continues to flourish, invigorated by the synergy of tradition and innovation.

News Credits: Yorkshire brewery sold to Sonas Capital after 20 years, securing jobs in the process

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