Counting Systems with Networked Product Database

We now have extended our range of counting scales with the addition of a high end system that can be connected to a local area network and communicate with a central SQL database on a PC or Server.

The software enables customers with a large portfolio of products to store a variety of product information such as part numbers, codes, locations, bar-codes and piece weights in a central location. Customers that have existing product databases can export them and import them into our application, alternatively a live database synchroniser to communicate between each instance can be requested, POA.

Touch Screen Display

The intuitive 5.7″ touch screen enables operators to recall product information such as piece weights eliminating the need for sampling, this saves huge amounts of time and ensures accuracy. The unit can also be interfaced with scanners for even quicker product look ups and barcode labellers for ensuring items are correctly marked with information such as Product Codes, Packed By, Weights and an accurate count.

WPY Counting Scales

Database Software

The software package called E2R is a one off purchase, a customer with multiple units is only facing a one off install and set up price. There are no licences required per workstation. Adding extra stations is a simple process completed in less than 5 minutes.

E2R Software

The parts counting system is ideal for companies that have upwards of 4 stations and require a shared database, as standard the software will work on any PC less than 2 years old and with at least 2GB of RAM.

Estimated Costs

Ballpark costs for a single station is around £ 2000.00 with the E2R application, extra weigh stations are an additional £1000.00 depending on exact specifications, the beauty of this system is you can mix 0.01mg balances with large floor scales and still use the same database application to serve the product data.

Site Visit

If you would like to see a sales representative please contact us on 0845 2602602 to arrange a site demonstration.