Covid-19 – Response November 2020

It is safe to assume that following the House of Commons vote on Wednesday England will enter into a new lockdown on Thursday at 00:01am.

As a manufacturer MWS took the decision to remain open during the last lockdown to support our Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical clients plus many other businesses involved in the supply chain of these industries.

After considering the potential risks and discussing with MWS managers the Directors have decided that MWS will remain open to provide continued support to our valued clients who are involved in important functions and manufacturing.

The MWS manufacturing and service team will remain available for our customers as usual and take into account all of the risks associated and adhere to social distance ruling and hygiene routines to mitigate any potential infections.

Staff that can work away from site have been doing so for a number of months, due to our large space distancing has been relatively easy.

Our North East service office remains open and no staff will be furloughed for the foreseeable future.