Daiya Foods Are Re-Inventing the Plant-Based Cheese Space

When Daiya Foods proudly launched their first plant-based cheese in 2008, CEO Michael Watt declared that they essentially created the entire category. Thanks to the introduction of a unique fermentation technique, Daiya is revolutionising their cheese production.

After years of intensive research and development, Watt has proudly unveiled this new process, that will allow Daiya to ferment it’s cheese at their brand-new production and Research Department Campus, which is situated within British Columbia.

It is understood that by the end of this year, 2023, these new methods will be fully implemented, marking fifteen years in the making for this company! To better understand the value that this process offers for plant-based cheese and how it can benefit consumers, let’s take a closer look.

What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is a process that employs microorganisms to break down carbohydrates, which then produces substances, such as alcohol and organic acids, in a unique process. Food production, from cheese making to many other applications, is greatly enhanced with the utilisation of this technology.

Through the process of fermentation, lactic acid bacteria transform lactose – also known as milk sugar – into lactic acid in traditional dairy cheese making. By transforming milk into cheese, the acidity level of its environment is elevated which then contributes to the flavour and texture that make it so desirable.

Daiya’s Proprietary Method

Daiya Foods has revolutionised the plant-based cheese industry with their proprietary fermentation method that mirrors traditional dairy cheese manufacturing techniques. Daiya has harnessed the power of microbial cultures to create a vegan cheese that replicates dairy-based cheeses in both taste and texture – including its ability to melt and stretch when heated!

This revolutionary process converts carbohydrates from ingredients into organic acids, resulting in an entirely plant-based product that rivals traditional dairy. Through this innovative approach, the company is able to reduce its number of operational steps and maximise efficiency while also enhancing sustainability.

Benefits for Consumers

Daiya Foods’ new process will grant consumers access to more realistic plant-based alternatives to animal products, specifically traditional dairy cheeses. Thanks to this innovation, the range of options for vegan and vegetarian diets is growing exponentially!

These products are crafted without cholesterol and nothing artificial – no flavours, colours, or allergies like gluten, soy, eggs or nuts. They’re the perfect fit for anyone with dietary restrictions.

Moreover, their offerings are Non-GMO Project Verified to ensure that customers can be sure they’re getting the highest quality non-GMO ingredients in every bite!

Daiya Foods is transforming the world of plant-based cheeses with its exclusive fermentation method, giving customers access to delicious vegan alternatives that taste and feel just like real dairy cheese. No longer do you need to sacrifice texture or flavour when choosing a vegan option—Daiya has changed the game!

This innovative new process not only adds convenience for customers, but also provides far greater efficiency and sustainability in Daiya’s production operations. Consumers can rejoice knowing that they are always receiving top-notch non-GMO ingredients with every mouthwatering bite of these delicious cheeses.

News Credit: Daiya’s new fermentation technology promises improved plant-based cheese

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