Boncolac Acquires UK Manufacturer, Proper Cornish

In order to bolster their respective presences in the UK market, French frozen dessert company Boncolac has recently acquired Proper Cornish, a well-known pastry manufacturer, based in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Proper Cornish has agreed to a confidential agreement that will allow them to offer Boncolac products in the UK, such as tarts, cakes and macarons, to name a few. This deal builds on their pre-existing relationships with 150 loyal customers and aims to strengthen it further.

With the acquisition of Proper Cornish, Boncolac is making its maiden foray outside France and will now enjoy numerous advantages from this new distribution partnership; with both companies being able to prosper immensely by sharing each other’s products in a mutually beneficial manner.

With Boncolac being the premier provider of frozen French desserts, Proper Cornish is confident that this new range will bring and provide further value for their current, and also potential, customers. 

By collaborating in this partnership, they are able to expand their product assortment and further ensure customer delight. Not only does this help reach a larger audience within the UK, but it also provides an opportunity for each company to diversify their product lineup.

Furthermore, not only will this acquisition result in an increase in sales numbers, but it will also facilitate the addition of personnel for both companies, creating job opportunities. Boncolac is currently a team of 800 professionals, with this number continuing to increase with the recruitment of new members, as well as absorbing all existing staff from Proper Cornish; all without reducing any of its already established personnel number – an encouraging sign for existing employees’ security! 

After the announcement, Boncolac and Proper Cornish are now set to move full speed ahead in their collaboration. By recruiting more employees, expanding product lines through mutual distribution pacts and gaining access to European markets, this collaboration could be overwhelmingly advantageous for all the stakeholders involved.

All indicators thus far are pointing towards a bright future for both partners in this endeavour. It remains to be seen just how fruitful the results will be, but there is already much cause for optimism! 

Only time will tell if this partnership is as successful as we all hope. Nevertheless, it’s certain that the results of their collaboration are sure to be enthralling!

News Credits: French dessert firm Boncolac buys UK food manufacturer Proper Cornish

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