Chocolarder Makes Big £100k Investment with Ignition’s Help

The renowned Cornish craft chocolate maker Chocolarder recently made a substantial investment in their company’s future through asset finance provider, Ignition. The Truro-based finance provider offered a £100K loan to the manufacturer, helping them purchase new equipment and improve their production process. This enormous investment will assist Chocolarder in keeping pace with the ever-increasing desire for their sustainable, bean-to-bar chocolate.

This family-run business has been operating in Falmouth for almost ten glorious years, and Ignition had the pleasure of aiding Chocolarder with their financing needs for a winnower – a device designed to strip off the outer shells from cocoa beans – nearly three years ago. 

Chocolarder was approved for their first loan, which then led to later requesting an additional £100K to purchase a cooling line, as well as supplementary equipment to stabilise and maximise the temperature of their chocolate before packaging.

This new cooling line is already propelling the business forward, as it has provided greater consistency and accelerated production times exponentially. Mike Longman, the founder of the company, expressed his delight with this investment as it will enable them to meet customer demand more quickly while still upholding their superior production quality.

Chocolarder is a brand that proudly stands on its ethical production, utilising only sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Customers are drawn to Chocolarder due to their dedication to sustainability and responsibility, while also having an opportunity to savour the finest chocolate. With each purchase of Chocolarder products, customers feel assured that they’re supporting conscious business practices – which is a true sweet delight!

The Chocolarder team is elated by Ignition’s investment and support, allowing them to expand their horizons. It is understood that the highest quality of machines are necessary for creating premier products; however, many small businesses might be unable to afford or access these expensive items.

With the assistance of Ignition, companies such as Chocolarder, can make investments essential for success without risking too much or emptying their bank accounts; permitting them to focus on what really matters—creating delectable chocolate! Thanks to this significant advancement in production capabilities, customers can look forward to an array of exquisite bean-to-bar chocolates from these Cornish artisans soon!

News Credit: Chocolarder invests £100k in chocolate making equipment

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