It’s Back! The Dried Fruit Alliance is returning in 2023

In 2023, the Dried Fruit Alliance will be launching another celebration campaign to help educate consumers about how nutritious and versatile dried fruit is! This alliance of renowned companies is eager to motivate individuals throughout the nation to integrate nutritious snacks into their daily diet.

In 2022, their @EatMoreDriedFruit campaign generated an incredible reach of 172 million people across trade, national and consumer press, as well as social media. This resulted in positive sentiment being created around dried fruit consumption and the communication of key health benefits to those who engaged with it. Their success has resulted in further investment into the new 2023 #TwoBeforeTenChallenge, spearheaded by five-time Olympic gold medalist, Dame Laura Kenny. The goal of this challenge is to motivate and inspire people to eat two servings of fruits or vegetables before 10 a.m each morning as part of their daily diet.

The Dried Fruit Alliance is a collective effort from Whitworths®, California Prune Board®, Dried Fruits Australia®, South African Raisins® , Besana UK®, Community Foods UK® and other esteemed industry players. Their inaugural campaign illuminated the nutritious advantages that dried fruit delivers and taught customers on how simple it is to incorporate this food into meals as part of a balanced diet. It is also targeted at helping people comprehend that consuming more dehydrated fruits can assist them in reaching their five-a-day goal without having to budget extra time for another snack or meal throughout the day.

The #TwoBeforeTenChallenge, organised by the alliance, entices people to start their day right with two healthy portions of their five-a-day. Using delicious and nourishing ingredients such as porridge topped off with dried figs or natural yoghurt coupled with prunes are just a couple of examples of this challenge’s easy yet effective approach. Studies have established that only one third of adults get their daily recommended amount of fruit; this initiative endeavours to raise the number by encouraging more dried fruits to be eaten in the morning. 

By providing these convenient products, customers can easily meet or be more likely to reach their five-a-day requirement, meaning they will effectively receive the essential nutrients they need. Additionally, it demonstrates how effortlessly these components can be incorporated into meals or snacks that are consumed daily.

With the support of Dame Laura Kenny, The Dried Fruit Alliance’s #TwoBeforeTenChallenge will help make it easier for people to consume two portions of their five-a-day at breakfast time with nutrient dense ingredients like prunes, figs, sultanas and raisins. Through this campaign, food manufacturing companies will have an opportunity to showcase how versatile their products can be, while helping customers recognise the importance of nutrition and health when choosing what they eat every day. With this challenge gaining traction already, it looks like 2023 will be another successful year for The Dried Fruit Alliance!

News Credits: Investment fir the Dried Fruit Alliance campaign continues into its Fourth Year

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