Warburtons and Schneider Electric Partner Creating Modern Manufacturing Solutions

In the present climate of volatile energy prices and ever-increasing raw material costs, food companies must prioritise operational efficiency to ensure their bottom line remains healthy. Warburtons, the UK‘s premier bakery and one of their nation’s most beloved businesses, is taking a big step forward by extending their technology association with Schneider Electric. This relationship has been ongoing, and looks to now have multiple years of great potential in the future. By joining forces, this pioneering venture will help Warburtons maximise productivity and reduce overhead costs at six of their production sites throughout the United Kingdom.

Schneider Electric’s Advanced Analytics Technology

This alliance is a testament to Schneider Electric’s cutting-edge analytics technology, which has been created in collaboration with AVEVA, an established provider of IT solutions. Warburtons can now securely view information from all of its operations in one comprehensive analytics platform. This innovative technology gives them a powerful new way to access, analyse, and review their data. 

By utilising better system design and improved performance monitoring, food production operations are able to reduce energy consumption while sustaining excellent product quality. Furthermore, this innovative method of operation brings about more agile decision-making along with a higher level of efficiency that leads to greater profitability and flexibility.

Harnessing Smart Technology to Help Cut Energy Expenses

This system utilises intelligent technology, like motor controllers, to reduce energy consumption on pumps, mixers, ovens, fans and other electricity-dependent processes. By utilising these solutions, Warburtons can now monitor energy consumption with greater precision than ever before and uncover potential savings. Furthermore, it helps them to achieve their environmental objectives by upping efficiency levels – a concern that’s becoming increasingly critical for today’s businesses.

Harnessing Data Insights for Smarter Decisions

But the most advantageous facet of Warburtons’ digital transformation is undoubtedly its capacity to make wiser decisions with access to real-time data insights. Warburtons have the power to detect trends and patterns that might otherwise reduce efficiency or add expenses, all in real-time. Armed with this data, they no longer have to wait until it is too late to make a difference. Using this strategy, companies can stay proactive and take preventative measures to avoid potential issues before they happen instead of having to scramble after to put them right again.

It is remarkable to witness the immense progression of digital transformation due to this newly established partnership between Schneider Electric and Warburtons. It acts as a proof point for ambitious enterprises that are willing to adopt these new technologies, thus reaping its matchless benefits. 

Warburtons is now empowered to efficiently track energy usage and optimise production operations across its manufacturing sites in the UK, all thanks to their innovative analytics platform. With this, organisations can successfully ward off raising expenditures while keeping product excellence—all without imposing costs on customers.

News Credits: Schneider Electrics Deepens Its Relationship With Warburtons

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