Scotland’s Reformulation Programme to Improve Public’s Health

It’s no surprise that “you are what you eat” is an accurate reflection of the effects our diet has on our overall well being. Eating wisely can make a tremendous difference in leading a healthier life. Understanding the impact of healthier meal options, Food and Drink Federation Scotland (FDFS) have created the Reformulation for Health Programme to assist food providers in introducing modifications to their recipes that will improve customers’ health.

Through financial support from the Scottish Government, FDFS is collaborating with a variety of food businesses in Scotland to upgrade the nutritional value of widely consumed products. Thanks to this initiative, Scotland has seen a drastic decrease in its caloric and salt intake – with hundreds of calories and tonnes of salt already eliminated from the country’s diet. Through a joint effort between food makers, ingredient suppliers, and additional members of the Scottish food industry, healthier recipes have been created due to their collaboration.

Moreover, FDFS has also presented a Reformul8 Challenge Fund, which has already rewarded forty-five food producers in Scotland for their dedication to bettering public health by incorporating healthier ingredients into their recipes. Scotland’s public health is being improved greatly thanks to the efforts of both small independent businesses and larger corporations who are producing better quality goods and services.

The incredible results of this program demonstrate how collaborations between stakeholders can drastically improve public health outcomes. With industry leaders, government entities, and individual entrepreneurs all working together, they can strive for a healthier diet option for everyone. By joining forces and collectively working towards this goal, the possibilities are endless!

By banding together, the Reformulation for Health Programme has demonstrated how all stakeholders can create meaningful changes that help everyone—individuals and businesses of any size, paving the way for others to be able to follow suit.

Thanks to the efforts of FDFS, Scotland is reaping the rewards: healthier diets and financial support throughout its food supply chain. By incentivising those that are helping to reduce unhealthy ingredients in frequently consumed products, real change is being made – and everyone can benefit! Thanks to projects like these, companies can continue their unwavering pursuit to improve public health outcomes for all!

News Credits: Making Everyday Food Healthier

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