Sainsbury’s Mince Range Goes Vacuum-Packed

In pursuit of creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, Sainsbury’s is replacing the traditional plastic packaging on its beef mince range with vacuum-packed alternatives. This move will significantly reduce their carbon footprint!

This shift by the retailer will result in a drastic decrease of plastic usage – saving up to 450 tonnes annually and cutting their product’s plastic use by at least 55%. Let us investigate the implications this has for customers and our planet.

The Impact on Consumers

By completely extracting oxygen from the product during the packaging process, shelf life will be extended and storage space reduced – all while preserving an equivalent amount of minced beef. This is a great advantage for shoppers who desire to buy more items at once, but don’t have the capacity to store them all.

Furthermore, this inventive vacuum-packed packaging is anticipated to make food last for extended periods, so that shoppers are able to buy in bulk without concerns of their food spoiling too soon.

The Impact on the Environment

In an effort to reduce their own-label packaging by half in the next five years, Sainsbury’s has taken a step forward with its mince range, decreasing package usage. By eliminating plastic lids from their own-label products, they can make a tremendous impact by saving an estimated 71 million pieces of single-use plastic each year!

To significantly reduce their environmental footprint, it is essential that they lessen the dependence on single-use plastics and this revolutionary technology helps them take major steps forwards, and closer towards reaching that goal.


Sainsbury’s recent transition towards plastic-free beef mince packaging is a progressive and welcome move in the right direction regarding sustainability initiatives. Not only does bulk shopping help protect the environment and decrease waste, but it also offers shoppers a range of advantages like extended shelf life and reduced storage space needs.

It is now in the hands of consumers to help maintain and bolster these initiatives, for through collective collaboration amongst businesses and customers alike, substantial changes can be made!

News Credit: Sainsbury’s reveals plastic saving vacuum packed mince beef

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