£17m Investment into Pembrokeshire’s New Milk Processing Facility

Pembrokeshire Creamery is investing £17 million in a new milk processing facility at the recently developed Pembrokeshire Food Park, giving a significant boost to Wales‘ food and drink industry. This project will prove to be a great boon for the community, providing 80 new jobs over the next three years and significantly enhancing processing capacity of surrounding family farms.

Thanks to generous contributions from the Welsh Government and European Regional Development Fund, totaling £3 million, The Food Park was established in 2021. Specifically, the Welsh Government donated £2 million while another £1 million came from the European fund. The Rural Development Fund of the European Union has further provided generous financial resources for this project as part of their ‘Covid-19: Food and Drink Wales‘ recovery plan, empowering their endeavours with this additional show of support.

The new 10.25 acre milk processing facility will source milk directly from local family farms, with an annual processing capacity of an impressive 70 million litres! This means that their customers can be confident with the knowledge that they are getting the freshest, highest quality milk available.

This momentous investment will propel the economic development of West Wales and make a lasting impact on its future. Pembrokeshire Creamery Managing Director, Mark McQuade stated: “The new site will not only be the only BRC Certified facility to offer Welsh milk that is bottled in Wales, but it will also shorten the supply chain in Wales. Pembrokeshire is an excellent location for building an authentically Welsh milk supply for Welsh supermarket stores.”

Pembrokeshire Creamery’s investment is set to transform West Wales by creating a wealth of new and exciting job opportunities, along with much-needed infrastructure for family farms. The region will also benefit from increased sustainability initiatives that are sure to leave lasting impacts on the area.

This project will not only generate economic growth in Wales, but it will also create more robust job prospects with sustainable investments such as this one. Through their dedication to backing rural communities, the Welsh Government’s pay-off is clearly evident with this positive and promising announcement.

News Credit: Pembrokeshire Creamery invests £17m in new milk processing site

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