UK Manufacturing Sector Reaches Record Export Figures

Despite the economic instability of the past year, UK manufacturing exports have skyrocketed to an unprecedented high, as declared by the Food and Drink Federation‘s (FDF) recent trade report. Data from His Majesty’s Customs and Excise reveals that exports of food and drink have surpassed pre-pandemic stats, reaching a whopping £24.8 billion.

In 2022, European countries were the UK’s biggest importers of food and drink – exports amounting to a staggering £13.7 billion, representing an impressive 22% growth since then! This phenomenal growth is attributed to sales outside of the EU, which skyrocketed and achieved a new milestone: surpassing £10 billion for the first time ever.

With a staggering value of £824 million, chocolate continues to reign as the UK’s top food export. Nevertheless, there is mounting evidence that cheese could surpass this esteemed status in 2023 due to its remarkable growth rate in international sales. This change reflects the increased awareness of health and nutrition, as people search for healthier treats that are not overly sugary.

The FDF report pointed to especially strong performances from other sectors such as baked goods, meat products, dairy products and frozen foods. Exports of baked goods rose 17% to £1.7 billion; exports of meat increased 11% to reach £2 billion; dairy product exports jumped 8%, totaling over£4 billion; and the growth in demand for frozen food saw it grow 6% up to nearly a total value of £3 billion. Despite challenging times, the increase in demand from abroad demonstrates that British produce remains a popular choice.

Despite the current economic climate, UK manufacturing has still achieved record export numbers, proving that British produce is in high demand on a global scale. As consumers’ tastes rapidly alter, the food industry needs to adapt their production techniques in order to stay ahead of the competition. Right now, chocolate is at the forefront of global exports yet reports suggest that cheese might take its place next year – proving how essential it is for manufacturers and suppliers to be flexible or face being left behind.

In conclusion, these figures denote that companies can ensure economic sustainability by consistently providing top-notch products to consumers in both local and foreign markets. The demand for British food and drink products is manifesting itself in record exports – a testament to the hard work and dedication of UK manufacturers.

News Credits: UK food and drink exports hit record highs in 2022

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