New Government Export Campaign for Food & Drink Businesses

The Department for International Trade‘s (DIT) new campaign, ‘Made in the UK, Sold to the World,’ started a new phase, now focusing on food and drink exports.

The campaign is made up of twelve food and drink exporters, from England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Some participants are Yee Kwan (an ice cream maker) in Sheffield, Drop Bear Beers in Wales, Isle of Harris Gin Distillery in Scotland, and Burren Balsamic located in Northern Ireland.

UK food and drink exports were valued at £20.3 billion in 2021, while the food and drink sector employs 3.7 million people across Great Britain.

From the DIT’s discoveries, it is evident that exporters not only create jobs but also help cultivate economic growth while paying their employees high wages. The UK Government has vocalised its commitment to becoming an export-led economy and plans to reach a trillion pounds of exports annually by 2030.

“The UK is home to world-class food and drink, so it is brilliant to see so many great exporters join the “Made in the UK, Sold to the World” campaign, showcasing their excellent products, helping to grow our economy and supporting local jobs”; said Marcus Fysh, Minister for Exports.

This campaign provides the resources necessary for businesses to sell their productions overseas, stimulating job growth and economic expansion.


News Credits: Food and drink businesses at the front of new Government export campaign

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