Gunna Drinks Launches Petition to Ban Plastic Bottles in UK

Gunna Drinks has created a petition to ask the UK government to disallow single use plastics in the soft drink industry.

The drinks manufacturer proposed that businesses operating in the sector should focus on developing packaging alternatives such as aluminium cans and glass bottles, which it called an ‘achievable mission’.

“We need to end the obsession with plastic bottles. Let’s stop choking up our oceans and clogging our beaches and landfills with this unnecessary type of plastic bottle”, says Melvin Jay, Founder and Chief Executive of Gunna Drinks.

Gunna’s campaign against single-use plastic bottles included a pledge to be carbon negative and eliminate twice the amount of carbon it produces.

According to the company, each person in the UK uses 150 plastic water bottles every year – more than three a week. 7.7bn+ plastic water bottles are used yearly merely in the UK alone.

A majority of plastic packaging waste from food and drink ends up in the rivers and seas, amounting to 83% in the UK alone. This petition would thus help reduce the amount of plastic ending in our oceans if passed.


News Credits: Petition launched to ban plastic bottles

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