UK Food System: New Research to Improve Understanding

The University of Aberdeen’s Rowett Institute has received £1.6m to fund research that will improve understanding of the UK food system and to help people who experience food insecurity and live with obesity make healthier decisions about their diets, and promote sustainable eating habits.

The Institute will use the money from UK Research and Innovation and the Biological Sciences Research Council to find out how problems such as poverty, not having enough food, and obesity may affect the shopping habits of the UK population.

A board consisting of everyday people, government officials, popular charities, food and drink manufacturers, stores, and well-educated experts will help to create and try out plans that could improve the UK’s food system long term. At the end of the three year study, the project’s results will be released to the public.

Data will be consolidated from across the UK from people who have experience with food insecurity and obesity. This large data set will help researchers gain a better understanding of shopping habits among 1.6 million consumers in the UK.

Ingredients manufacturer, Tate & Lyle, will also join the panel to not only offer its honed expertise on reformulation but also provide detailed knowledge about nutrition.


News Credits: New research to improve understanding of the UK food system

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