Holbeach Centre Leaders in UK’s Food Innovation

The National Centre for Food Manufacturing in Holbeach, which is currently the only facility of its kind in the United Kingdom, is at the forefront of development.

In the case of conservation, for example, South Holland-based experts are doing their part by inventing low-calorie meals and finding new uses for waste materials.

The Government released its Food Strategy last week, which aims to develop a successful agri-food and seafood sector as well as a sustainable and affordable food system.

The sector, which includes over 2 million workers and generates around £120 billion for the economy, is the nation’s most significant manufacturing business.

The district has one of the most important food industries in the country, producing up to 30% of all foods in the United Kingdom.

The centre’s dean, Prof Val Braybrooks, has welcomed the plan, which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the sector.

The University of Lincoln, which is located inside the Holbeach Food Enterprise Zone, is researching a number of improvements, including ‘reformulations.’

There is a lot of interest in improving the amount of Vitamin C, as well as looking into plants that had not previously been considered, in addition to using waste to manufacture goods.

The team is also focused on automation robotics and developing grip technology to aid fish processors, among other things.

The move has also been praised by the UK Food Valley project, which is sponsored by the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

News Credits: Scientists in Holbeach leading The Way With Innovation – Spalding Today


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