National Food Strategy Sparks Divided Reactions Across the Industry

The revamped strategy is the result of last year’s independent study by Henry Dimbleby. 

The UK government’s recently released food plan for England has received both acclaim and animosity.

The government’s goal of increasing home-grown produce is a positive development, but measures to improve labour availability and boost local produce have been criticised for not going far enough. A lack of a salt and sugar tax, as well as a perceived absence of real action to cut meat consumption, have been condemned.

The government’s solution, announced by the UK cabinet on June 13, is its response to the independent investigation conducted by Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of Leon restaurant chain.

Only about half of Dimbleby’s recommendations have been implemented, according to the BBC

The Government stated that its plan addresses the findings of the Dimbleby review and accepts the majority of its recommendations. However, Dimbleby is doubtful.

But, according to the BBC, Henry Dimbleby urged for salt and sugar in processed foods to be taxed as part of his campaign. He also said that the government’s plan to reduce obesity among British people would now be addressed by the administration at a later date.

The Food and Drink Federation‘s Chief Executive, Karen Betts, welcomed the plan, saying the UK’s food sector, from farming to food manufacturing, retail, and tourism, has been recognised for its excellence and importance.

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and other farmers’ groups also praised the plan. However, the lack of meat reduction initiatives has been criticised. 

In its response, the Government did state that it will back alternative protein research and development, with more than GBP120m in funding for food system research as part of its collaboration with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

News Credits: UK Government’s Food Strategy receives Mixed Response – Just Foods  

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