New Food Strategy for England to Boost Industry Through Innovation and Technology

The government’s Food Strategy proposed plans to encourage innovation and use cutting-edge technology in agriculture as part of the plan.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and George Eustice MP announced on 13 June 2022 that this would help to boost agricultural production, distribute employment, and expand the economy.

New technology will assist to minimise reliance on foreign manufacturing.

The government has committed to maintaining the existing level of food consumption and increasing production in sectors with the greatest potential, such as horticulture and seafood.

Boris Johnson, said that his government’s food strategy will lay out a blueprint for how it plans to back farmers, promote British industry, and protect people from the effects of future economic downturns by protecting our food security.

George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, said that food production is larger than the automobile and aerospace industries combined, providing jobs, apprenticeships, and investment in research and development.

Following the independent assessment of the food system by Henry Dimbleby last year, which examined the challenges facing the food system, this Strategy is based on his findings and recommendations. The Food Strategy addresses these results and suggestions, adopting most of them, with policy initiatives to promote health, sustainability, and access to nutrition. 

The overall strategy includes strategies to encourage horticultural producers to use surplus heat and CO2 from industrial processes, as well as renewable energy sources, in order to boost domestic production. 

Consult on how to improve on and expand animal welfare labelling and extend the Seasonal Workers visa route to poultry farming. 

For large firms, get expert help with food waste reporting and encouraging the sector  to develop healthier, more ethical and sustainable products.

News Credits: Tech and Innovation Drive to Boost Food Production and back British Farmers- Press Release

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