Heinz challenges Soft Plastic Recycling with Beans Pots

In July, Heinz and Tesco will launch a groundbreaking experiment that they  hope will influence the rest of the food sector when it comes to addressing the UK’s soft plastic recycling problem.

After receiving back its consumers’ soft plastic, Heinz has collaborated with Tesco to create recyclable Heinz Beanz Snap Pots using nearly 40% recycled soft plastics.


The innovative project will recycle 22 metric tons of plastic while still allowing customers the convenience of microwave cooking.

The transition of soft plastics into food-grade, microwavable snappable pots that can then be recycled back to the kerbside recycling loop is a first for the industry.

Soft plastics, which are frequently used in food packaging such as snacks, have previously been highly challenging to recycle.

They are a vital part in the conservation of food and the reduction of food waste, but they are not currently collected for recycling by local authorities, and just six percent of UK soft plastics were recycled in 2020.

Heinz is hoping that the food industry in general, with government help, will embrace this significant breakthrough in food packaging recycling.

News Credits: Heinz announces Huge Packaging Change using Rubbish from Tesco –  Somerset Live

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