Mars Sweetens the Deal with Acquisition of Hotel Chocolat

In a blockbuster move that is sending ripples through the confectionery industry, Mars, the global giant known for its iconic chocolate brands, has announced the acquisition of the beloved British chocolate brand, Hotel Chocolat

This strategic deal, valued at a staggering £534 million, marks a significant milestone in the world of chocolate, combining the timeless allure of Hotel Chocolat with the financial might and global reach of Mars.

Deal Breakdown

The acquisition was sealed with a cash offer price of 375 pence per share, reflecting an enterprise value of £570 million and an impressive multiple of approximately 23.7 times underlying earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) for the 53-week period ending on July 2, 2023. 

This financial precision underscores the confidence both parties have in the mutually beneficial nature of this partnership.

Shared Values and Purpose

Mars, in its official statement, revealed that this acquisition was a culmination of its long-standing admiration for Hotel Chocolat’s exceptional standing as a contemporary, premium brand with a distinctive product range. 

Furthermore, Hotel Chocolat’s success, driven by its physical store presence and robust digital commerce platform, has clearly done everything right to have captured Mars’ attention.

Moreover, Mars highlighted the alignment of cultural values between the two companies. Both brands share a deep commitment to quality, sustainability, and purpose, with the belief that “the world they want tomorrow starts with how they do business today.” 

Additionally, Mars enthusiastically embraces Hotel Chocolat’s mission to “make people and nature happy through reinventing chocolate.”

A Sweet Future Ahead

Mars isn’t just eyeing the deal as a financial investment. The company has ambitious plans to support Hotel Chocolat’s growth on an international scale while leveraging its long-term capital to help achieve their shared objectives. 

This move solidifies Mars’ dedication to the UK market and fosters a stronger connection with consumers through the addition of this exciting brand to their portfolio.

The Global President of Mars Snacking emphasised the importance of this acquisition, citing Mars’ rich history in the United Kingdom. Building on the strong foundation laid by their respective teams, Mars is poised to propel Hotel Chocolat into its next phase of growth, promising a sweet journey ahead for both brands.

A Perfect Match

Hotel Chocolat’s CEO expressed profound enthusiasm about the acquisition, describing it as a meeting of minds marked by shared cultural values, bold strategies, and unwavering long-term commitment. 

What’s more, the acquisition positions Mars as an excellent long-term home for Hotel Chocolat, fostering an environment that mirrors their entrepreneurial spirit and purpose-driven approach.

In response, Hotel Chocolat recognises its global potential but acknowledges operational supply chain challenges that have hindered its international expansion. Partnering with Mars presents an opportunity to accelerate their global presence, capitalising on Mars’ expertise, skills, and capabilities.

A Shared Vision and Looking Ahead

At the core of this monumental deal are the pillars upon which Hotel Chocolat has built its brand: originality, authenticity, and ethical trading. These values resonate deeply with both companies, reinforcing their intention to invest in and strengthen these foundations.

In Mars, Hotel Chocolat has found an outstanding long-term steward for its brand and everything it stands for. The future of this union is bright, promising exciting developments and an even sweeter journey for chocolate lovers around the world.

Also, Mars, with its global reach and resources, brings to the table a wealth of opportunities for Hotel Chocolat. The acquisition opens doors to new markets, innovative product offerings, and enhanced sustainability practices

Finally, it should be noted that consumers can anticipate an expanded range of delectable chocolates and a stronger commitment to ethical sourcing and trading.


Mars’ acquisition of Hotel Chocolat is more than just a business deal; it’s a fusion of two chocolate powerhouses with shared values and a commitment to making the world a better place through their delicious creations. 

This partnership not only marks a significant milestone in the confectionery industry but also ensures that the legacy of Hotel Chocolat will continue to thrive and enchant consumers worldwide. 

As they embark on this exciting journey together, chocolate lovers can look forward to a sweeter, more sustainable future, one chocolate bar at a time. While furthermore, the marriage of Mars and Hotel Chocolat promises to be a symphony of chocolate expertise and ethical excellence, setting a high bar for the confectionery industry going forward.

News Credit: Mars acquires Hotel Chocolat in £534m deal

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