Walkers to Revolutionise Snack Packaging with Sustainable Paper Bags

In a groundbreaking move toward sustainability, UK-based savoury snacks manufacturer Walkers is set to transform the way consumers enjoy their favourite snacks. 

The company has announced its plans to roll out the use of paper outer bags across all of its Baked multipacks, heralding a significant shift in the industry’s approach to packaging. 

This bold initiative is expected to have a profound impact, reducing Walkers’ usage of virgin plastic by a staggering 180 tonnes per year, while also diminishing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each pack.

A Triumph in Trial: A Positive Response from Tesco Shoppers

The journey toward eco-friendly snacking began as a trial in 800 Tesco stores, where Walkers introduced their innovative paper outer bags. These bags are not just any paper; they are crafted from sustainably sourced materials, carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and eco-friendliness. 

What’s more, the response from shoppers was overwhelmingly positive, with customers commending Walkers for their commitment to sustainability. The trial period allowed Walkers to fine-tune the packaging, ensuring that it not only protected the snacks but also upheld the brand’s reputation for quality.

A Nationwide Rollout: Embracing Sustainable Packaging

Buoyed by the success of the trial, Walkers wasted no time in making a decision that would set a new standard in the industry, announcing that the paper outer bags will soon grace the shelves of all major supermarkets across the nation. 

This nationwide rollout is a testament to Walkers’ dedication to environmental responsibility and their acknowledgment of consumers’ growing preference for sustainable options.

Walkers proudly claims that these paper outer bags are a first for savoury snacks flexible packaging in the United Kingdom, and consumers can easily recycle them kerbside. 

Additionally, this convenience factor aligns seamlessly with the brand’s vision of making sustainable choices accessible and hassle-free for its customers.

PepsiCo’s Ambitious Vision for a Plastic-Free Future

Behind this momentous shift lies the powerhouse parent company, PepsiCo Europe, which has set an ambitious target to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastic in crisps and snack bags by the year 2030. 

This ambitious mission extends to beloved UK brands such as Walkers, Snack A Jacks, Doritos, Quavers, and Wotsits, with the plan for this being to achieve this monumental feat through the exclusive use of 100% recycled or renewable content.

PepsiCo’s commitment to a plastic-free future doesn’t stop at the UK; it’s a global endeavour. The company is leveraging its substantial influence and resources to drive change throughout the world. 

What’s more, their dedication to sustainability is not only a moral obligation but a strategic one, as it aligns with the growing global demand for eco-conscious products and practices.

PepsiCo’s Commitment to Sustainability and Net Zero Emissions: Innovating Toward a Greener Tomorrow

PepsiCo, with a net revenue exceeding £70.1 billion in 2022, is not merely stopping at plastic reduction. The conglomerate has committed to working diligently toward reaching net zero emissions by 2040

In addition to the introduction of paper outer bags, Walkers has introduced new cardboard outer packaging for millions of larger multipacks available in UK supermarkets. This innovative approach further underscores Walkers’ commitment to sustainable packaging solutions, offering consumers more choices that align with their values.

Simultaneously, PepsiCo is pushing the boundaries of innovation by trialling bagless Snack A Jacks multipacks, which employ a tape-like strip to hold individual packets together, eliminating the need for a larger outer bag. 

This ingenious approach showcases the company’s relentless dedication to eliminating virgin plastic from its packaging and exploring novel alternatives.

A Bright Future for Sustainable Snacking

The sustainable packaging lead at PepsiCo for the UK and Ireland expressed enthusiasm, stating that they are excited to see their successful trial of this paper pack lead to a nationwide rollout. 

Furthermore, they truly believe that continuing at this present scale, the new packaging will deliver a monumental reduction in virgin plastic, while also helping to lower the company’s carbon footprint.

In conclusion

Walkers’ revolutionary shift to paper outer bags represents a significant leap toward a more sustainable future for snacking. 

With the support of its parent company, PepsiCo, and an unwavering commitment to innovation, the brand is leading the charge to reduce plastic waste, lower emissions, and set a new standard for eco-friendly packaging in the UK. 

As Walkers paves the way, consumers can look forward to guilt-free snacking, knowing that they are contributing to a greener planet. With every bite, they are part of a movement that is reshaping the snacking industry for generations to come.

News Credits: Walkers rolls out paper packaging across its Baked range

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