Modern Baker’s SUPERLOAF Revolutionises Ultra Processed Foods

In a groundbreaking leap forward for the world of Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs), Innovate UK has allocated a substantial £450,000 grant to Modern Baker, the trailblazing manufacturer behind the dietary game-changer, SUPERLOAF

This extraordinary bread is far from ordinary; it represents a triumph of scientific innovation, harnessing the power of bio-active plant-based compounds and precise fermentation techniques to redefine the very essence of carb-based UPFs.

Modern Baker’s groundbreaking technology, meticulously honed over an arduous six-year journey, has not only drawn the attention but also garnered a staggering £4 million investment from Innovate UK, the vanguard of government-backed innovation investment. 

Interestingly, this latest grant is a part of the ‘Better Food for All: Innovation for improved nutrition‘ initiative, signalling a seismic shift in the food industry.

Revolutionising More than Just Bread

The transformative potential of SUPERLOAF extends far beyond its glutenous borders. With the infusion of fresh funding, Modern Baker aspires to extend its pioneering methodology to a broader spectrum of UPFs, including but not limited to breakfast cereals, pasta, ready meals, yoghurts, and pastries. 

This ambitious undertaking speaks volumes about Modern Baker’s unwavering commitment to providing healthier, more accessible alternatives in a time when nearly 60% of the daily calorie intake of United Kingdom citizens derives from UPFs.

Co-founded by the visionary duo of Melissa Sharp and Leo Campbell, Modern Baker is on a mission to reframe UPFs within the public consciousness. They envision a world where healthier choices abound, and sugary, unhealthy options are relegated to the annals of history.

A Life-Altering Epiphany

The genesis of SUPERLOAF can be traced back to a deeply personal journey. Melissa Sharp, one of the co-founders, found her inspiration during her arduous battle with breast cancer

While undergoing chemotherapy, she couldn’t help but notice the plethora of sugary and unhealthy offerings served to patients. Amid her own health crisis, she uncovered the glaring connection between sugar and cancer.

Sharply aware of this dissonance, Sharp and Campbell made a solemn vow to instigate change in the world of food, starting with the humble loaf of bread. An epiphany born on a chemotherapy ward has since burgeoned into a mission to improve the lives of millions.

A Billion Diets, One Singular Mission

Modern Baker’s ambitions transcend the realm of mere bread-making. Their vision stretches toward positively impacting one billion diets by the year 2028. While the development of SUPERLOAF is a resounding testament to their commitment, it’s merely the opening salvo in their campaign to redefine the global food model. 

What’s more, with their products now gracing the shelves of Marks & Spencer and available for online purchase through Ocado, Modern Baker is perfectly poised to catalyse a sea change in the way we consume and perceive our daily sustenance.

Innovation for a Healthier Tomorrow

The unwavering support of Innovate UK, exemplified by the bestowment of their sixth consecutive grant, serves as a resounding endorsement of Modern Baker’s mission. 

The creation of Alt-Nutrition staples that promote digestive and gut health holds the promise of ushering in an era of mass-produced foods that are not only nutritious but also promote overall well-being and environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, in an era where the battle against UPFs rages on, Modern Baker stands as a luminous beacon of hope, armed with innovation, determination, and a profound commitment to crafting a better future, one delicious bite at a time.


Offering some final thoughts, Innovate UK’s recent £450,000 grant to Modern Baker represents far more than mere financial support; it marks the inception of a culinary revolution. 

With SUPERLOAF leading the charge, Modern Baker is poised to reshape the landscape of Ultra Processed Foods, making them healthier, more sustainable, and accessible to all. What’s more, this extraordinary journey, ignited by a life-altering epiphany, unfolds toward a grand vision of positively impacting one billion diets. 

As Melissa Sharp and Leo Campbell continue their mission, they blaze a trail toward a new era of nutritious, planet-friendly foods, nourishing not just appetites but our collective hunger for a healthier, brighter, and more delicious future.

News Credits: Investment in gut friendly bread tops £4m after latest Government grant

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