Muller Acquires Yew Tree Dairy to Strengthen British Dairy Industry

In a strategic move set to bolster the British dairy industry, Muller has announced its agreement to acquire Yew Tree Dairy, a prominent powdered milk producer based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire

The terms of the deal, pending regulatory approval, remain undisclosed. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Muller, promising to enhance its production capabilities, drive export growth, and ensure supply chain resilience.

The chief executive of Muller Milk & Ingredients emphasised that the acquisition aligns with the group’s ambition to expand and secure a brighter future for the sector. Yew Tree Dairy boasts excellent processing capabilities, a talented team with exceptional expertise, and robust relationships with its customers and supplying farms. 

The synergy between these two family-owned businesses is expected to be highly complementary, leveraging Muller’s well-invested and resilient network.

Muller is keen to tap into the rising global demand for dairy products. With Yew Tree Dairy’s state-of-the-art milk powder production facilities, Muller aims to unlock additional export opportunities, enhancing its position in international markets. 

What’s more, the acquisition will allow Muller to produce and export high-quality powdered milk products, meeting the stringent standards of global consumers.

Completion of the deal is projected for later this year, contingent upon approval from the Competition and Markets Authority. Once finalised, Muller intends to make substantial investments in the Skelmersdale milk drying site, enhancing its capacity and capabilities. 

This strategic investment, coupled with Muller’s internal expertise and experience, will position the business as a major producer and exporter of powdered milk products made in Britain, sourced from British dairy farms.

A representative from Yew Tree Dairy expressed pride in the family business’s achievements and optimism about its future under Muller’s stewardship. As a family, they are very proud of the dairy business they have built and are looking forward to seeing its progression and development by Muller. 

They went on to add that they feel the time is right to explore new opportunities while retaining their farming roots. Also, after meeting with the Muller family, they are confident that this is the right decision for their business, as this partnership will benefit their staff, farmers, and customers in the long term.

Muller UK & Ireland, wholly owned by Unternehmensgruppe Theo Muller, employs over 32,000 people across Europe. In the UK, Muller develops, manufactures, and markets a diverse range of branded and private-label dairy products, including butter, yoghurt, and cheese, as well as a designated plant-based range. 

What’s more, the company sources milk from 1,300 British farmers, ensuring high-quality and locally produced ingredients for its products.

Muller has a history of investing in and supporting the British dairy industry. This acquisition underscores its commitment to sustaining the sector and driving innovation. The company’s efforts to secure supply chain resilience and expand its export footprint align with broader industry trends and consumer demands for sustainable and high-quality dairy products.

In conclusion, Muller’s acquisition of Yew Tree Dairy represents a significant step towards strengthening the British dairy industry and expanding global export opportunities. The merger promises to combine the strengths of both companies, ensuring a resilient supply chain and a prosperous future for British dairy farmers. 

Furthermore, this strategic move underscores Muller’s commitment to growth and innovation, heralding a new era for powdered milk production in the UK. 

By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of Yew Tree Dairy, Muller is poised to become a major player in the global dairy market, contributing to the continued success and sustainability of the British dairy sector.

News Credits: Müller acquires powdered milk producer

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