Valeo Foods Acquires Dal Colle

In a strategic move to expand its foothold in the European confectionery market, Valeo Foods has completed the acquisition of renowned Italian bakery products manufacturer Dal Colle for an undisclosed fee. 

Dal Colle, with a rich history spanning 120 years, is a leading producer of bakery items, sweet treats, and snacks, boasting a diverse portfolio of over 180 products. These include beloved items such as pandori, panettoni, and croissants, which are sold in 35 countries worldwide. 

Furthermore, Dal Colle is celebrated for its traditional recipes and innovative product development, making it a household name in many regions.

Valeo Foods, itself a prominent producer of sweets, treats, and snacks, views Dal Colle as a highly complementary addition to its growing Italian operations. This acquisition follows Valeo’s initial purchase of Balconi in 2015, Val D’Enza in 2017, and IDP in 2023. 

The integration of Dal Colle is seen as a significant step in enhancing Valeo’s Italian platform and expanding its product range. Also, this strategic expansion aligns with Valeo’s goal to consolidate its market position and leverage synergies across its brands.

With revenues exceeding 1.5 billion euros, Valeo Foods’ portfolio includes over 80 brands sold in 106 countries, featuring well-known names like Balconi, Carstens, Jacobs, Fox’s Mints, Poppets, Rowse Honey, and Maple Crest. 

The group, owned by global investment firm Bain Capital, employs over 4,500 people across 30 manufacturing facilities and offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Czechia, and Canada. Valeo Foods’ extensive distribution network and strong market presence are key factors that drive its growth and competitive edge.

Commenting on the acquisition, the CEO of Valeo Foods praised Dal Colle as a fantastic addition to their portfolio, which already includes many of Europe’s most established brands. The CEO highlighted that Dal Colle not only diversifies and strengthens their product offerings but also completes their range of high-quality confectionery and sweet treats. 

This acquisition significantly enhances their manufacturing and logistical capabilities in Italy, supporting their growth ambitions across Europe. What’s more, the CEO reaffirmed their vision of positioning Valeo Foods as the leading European sweet treats champion.

The addition of Dal Colle to the Valeo Foods family is a testament to their commitment to delivering premium products with deep heritage and strong consumer connections. On a commercial level, this acquisition diversifies their product offering and completes their range of quality confectionery and sweet treats in the market, ranging from iconic sponge cakes to wafers and biscuits. 

It also adds considerable new manufacturing and logistical capabilities to their Italian platform, which will support their growth ambitions in Italy and across Europe, and it is something that is very consistent with their vision to position Valeo Foods as the undisputed European sweet treats champion.

The CEO of Valeo Foods Italy and President of Balconi Spa expressed admiration for Dal Colle, noting the shared passion for delivering high-quality products to consumers. 

Furthermore, their heritage range and operational footprint are highly complementary to Valeo Foods Italy and the Balconi business, and they also look forward to welcoming nearly 90 new colleagues to their team and working with them to accelerate the growth of their enlarged Italian business.

This acquisition not only enhances Valeo Foods’ product portfolio but also bolsters its operational capabilities. Dal Colle’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced technology and adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring that their products maintain their reputation for excellence. 

The addition of these capabilities will enable Valeo to meet increasing consumer demand and explore new product innovations.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Dal Colle marks a pivotal moment for Valeo Foods, reinforcing its commitment to becoming the premier provider of sweet treats in Europe. 

The integration of Dal Colle’s storied heritage and extensive product range into Valeo’s already impressive portfolio promises to deliver even greater value to consumers and shareholders alike, solidifying Valeo’s position as an industry leader in the confectionery market. 

And finally, this strategic move underscores Valeo Foods’ dedication to growth, innovation, and excellence in the sweet treats sector.

News Credits: Valeo Foods completes Dal Colle acquisition

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