UK Reaches New Heights in Can Recycling

In a landmark achievement for sustainability efforts in the United Kingdom, a record 10.7 billion cans were recycled in 2023. This staggering number not only marks the highest ever collected but also symbolically represents a length that could reach to the moon and back. 

This accomplishment was revealed by Alupro, the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation, and its not-for-profit communications programme, Every Can Counts, following an analysis of Environment Agency figures.

The data highlights that over 162,000 tonnes of aluminium packaging were recycled in 2023 through various recycling systems, including kerbside, bring, and on-the-go collections. This represents a significant 13% year-on-year increase and a 4% rise since the previous record set in 2021. 

Specifically, for aluminium drink cans, an impressive 81% were recycled last year. Notably, Every Can Counts played a vital role by collecting and recycling more than 64,000 drink cans at numerous events and festivals, such as Mighty Hoopla, Download Festival, and the Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

The Programme Manager for Every Can Counts emphasised the positive impact these efforts have when everyone participates in the recycling process, by stating that these record-breaking figures show the positive impact that everyone can have as a country when everyone plays their part in the recycling process. 

Big or small, every effort made by the public to dispose of their empty drink cans responsibly helps to inspire further progress and improve recycling rates both at home and on the go. 

Additionally, they highlighted the unique property of aluminium, which can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality. And even more remarkably, an empty drink can that is recycled can return to shelves as a brand-new can within just 60 days.

With World Environment Day approaching, Every Can Counts hopes the public will feel motivated by these record-breaking figures and continue to prioritise recycling. 

The programme, a collaborative effort between drink can manufacturers, fillers, and the broader recycling industry, aims to achieve a 100% recycling rate for drink cans in the UK. They provide free recycling support to businesses and organisations nationwide to help reach this ambitious goal.

In conclusion, the UK’s unprecedented success in can recycling underscores the power of collective action and the importance of sustainable practices. 

As these efforts continue to grow and inspire, the vision of a fully recyclable future comes closer to reality, one can at a time. 

What’s more, the achievements of 2023 set a strong precedent, encouraging everyone to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

News Credits: Record number of cans recycled in UK during 2023

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