World’s First Net Zero Glass Bottles: New Glass Furnace in Cheshire

In a ground-breaking move, Encirc, an industry-leading glass manufacturer and co-packer, has joined forces with Diageo to create the world’s first net zero glass bottles on a large scale by 2030.

By 2030, the world-class glass furnace at Encirc’s Elton Plant in Cheshire will have reduced greenhouse gases by 90%, utilising a combination of renewable energy and low carbon hydrogen. Moreover, advanced Carbon Capture Technology is expected to eliminate all remaining emissions! The furnace will be fully-functional by 2027 and is projected to create up to 200 million bottles of Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Gordon’s, and Tanqueray on an annual basis by the year 2030.

To power its new furnace, the government-backed HyNet North West cluster – one of UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation initiatives – chose Vertex Hydrogen as their partner in providing green hydrogen.

Encirc is at the forefront of sustainable glass production, preparing for a more eco-friendly future with their cutting-edge solutions. In 2021, Encirc partnered with the glass industry initiative ‘Glass Futures‘ to trial one of its furnaces at their Northern Ireland plant on sustainable biofuels. This allowed them to produce some of the most eco-friendly bottles ever made – including Diageo’s Black & White line – using 100% recycled glass and a carbon footprint up to 90% lower than that of a standard bottle!

As the UK strives to reach net zero by 2050, decarbonising glass packaging will be essential. This collaboration between prominent businesses is a phenomenal example of using inventive renewable energy for large-scale manufacturing.

News Credits: Encirc partners with Diageo to create net zero glass bottles