UK Beef Exports to Europe: France and Netherlands Valuable

Meat Promotion WalesHybu Cig Cymru (HCC) revealed that the desire for British beef in France and the Netherlands has assisted to drive exports to Europe during the initial nine months of 2022.

Exports of fresh and frozen beef to Europe reached a remarkable 93,200 tonnes between January and September 2022 – representing an impressive 30% year-on-year surge. These numbers painted an optimistic image of the industry’s restoration after COVID-19 interfered with trade, however they remain below pre-Brexit figures.

According to the report, shipments of beef products outside of EU countries were lagging 36% behind 2020 at 13,650 tonnes. Yet, appetite for beef in China is anticipated to surge; volumes shipped in 2021 so far are nearly twice as much compared with last year.

During the cost-of-living crisis in the UK, mince rose to become British consumers’ preferred beef product; spending on it increased by 11% in 2022.

In the most recent period, sales of mince skyrocketed to an impressive 58%, easily surpassing its average percentage of 50-53% from earlier reports. Glensi Phillips, the executive at HCC Intelligence responsible for analysis and business insight, reported a noteworthy increase in supermarket-branded product sales.

HCC reported that beef importing to Britain for the nine-month period was about level with the prior year. In spite of reductions from Ireland, these losses were balanced by heightened volumes from Germany and the Netherlands.

Domestic production and consumer demand are the two essential factors that will determine future import trends.

News Credits: France and the Netherlands boost UK beef exports to Europe

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