Sainsbury’s to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Lids from 2023

Taking another step in its mission to reduce single-use plastics, Sainsbury’s will be eliminating plastic lids from their own branded ranges, starting with dips. Starting in March 2023, beloved items including guacamole, tzatziki and sour cream & chive dip will no longer be sold with single-use plastic lids – it’s time to go green!

In 2019, Sainsbury’s took an important step towards a more sustainable future by removing single-use plastic lids from products such as cream, crème fraiche, custard, cottage cheese and sour cream. 

Moreover, this year they have extended that initiative to their own-brand yoghurts. With these changes in place we can ensure that our customers are consuming quality food without causing any harm to the environment!

Last year, Sainsbury’s eliminated plastic lids from its own-brand brandy cream – and this holiday season, customers can now buy the same product without any plastic at all! This simple switch will save an average of 581,000 pieces of single-use plastic over the festive period.

By removing single-use plastic lids, they are on track to save an astonishing 71 million pieces of plastic annually – that’s a total of 220 tonnes!

For those who prefer using a lid on their products, Sainsbury’s have launched their new reusable lids, available across all superstores in England, Scotland and Wales and can be purchased online for only £1.25. Customers can conveniently find the reusable lids in Sainsbury’s local store’s dairy aisle, and they are compatible with multiple brands such as Yeo Valley, Onken and Alpro

By eliminating single-use plastic lids from their packaging, the retailer is adding one more concrete step towards achieving its goal of reducing its own brand plastic packaging by 50% within the next five years. 

Recently, Sainsbury’s has made the remarkable transition from plastic to aluminium coffee pods for their entire range. This alteration not only permits customers to conveniently recycle at home but also yields a tremendous amount of conservation – with over 10 million pieces of plastic saved each year! In an effort to reduce plastic packaging, Sainsbury’s debuted new double-length toilet rolls – resulting in a 30% decrease of plastic and saving 84 tonnes!

News Credits: Sainsbury’s ramps up removal of single-use plastic lids

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