Exploring Recipe Formulation Software Options: From Budget-Friendly Solutions to Full Factory Traceability Systems

When it comes to the UK food industry, efficiency, accuracy, and traceability are paramount for complying with regulations and staying competitive. With Micro Weighing Solutions (MWS) leading the charge in innovative weighing equipment and our software partner MCI offering Myrias recipe formulation software, businesses have a range of options to streamline their operations, from budget-friendly solutions to comprehensive factory traceability systems.

Core Functionalities

At the heart of Myrias lies its core functionalities: recipe creation, filling process control, and reporting. With a focus on ingredient management, cost analysis, and traceability, Myrias empowers businesses to maintain control over their mixing processes while ensuring compliance and quality standards are met.


One of the key advantages of Myrias is its scalability. As businesses expand, Myrias can easily adapt to growing needs by adding more stations or incorporating additional modules. This flexibility allows businesses to build on their solution from a relatively low-cost entry point, ensuring long-term viability and efficiency.

Data Import/Export

Myrias facilitates seamless data import and export, enabling integration with third-party systems for production planning and mixing to order. This interoperability enhances efficiency and reduces manual data entry, ensuring accurate and timely information exchange across the production process.

User Interface (UI)

MWS MCI Systems Recipe Formulation Software for the food industry

With an intuitive and configurable user interface, Myrias caters to users with varying technical expertise. This user-friendly design enhances usability and accelerates the learning curve, empowering users to maximise the software’s capabilities with ease.

Cloud-based vs. On-Premise

Myrias is a file-based software that is optimised for on-premise deployment, which ensures optimal performance without reliance on external network capabilities.. However, businesses can deploy the software via the cloud if required.

Budget-Friendly Options

Myrias adopts a flexible pricing model, allowing businesses to tailor their solution based on their specific needs and budget. With tiered pricing options and the ability to add additional modules as required, businesses can scale their solution in line with their growth trajectory.

Further more, Myrias can work with a wide range of hardware brands and even some legacy systems. This results in further cost savings for customers, combining all the equipment to work together through the software.

Advanced Features

From inventory management integration to production planning and label generation, Myrias offers a suite of advanced features to optimise efficiency and enhance productivity. With seamless integration with existing systems and comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, businesses can gain valuable insights into their operations.

Factory Traceability

Myrias ensures robust factory traceability with features such as audit trails, integration with manufacturing execution systems, and comprehensive reporting. These capabilities enable businesses to track every aspect of their production process, ensuring compliance and quality control.

Additional Considerations

Security measures such as access levels and user logins safeguard sensitive recipe data, while comprehensive customer support ensures businesses receive timely assistance and bug fixes to maximise software performance.


Myrias recipe formulation software offers a range of options to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, from budget-friendly solutions to full factory traceability systems. With its core functionalities, scalability, and advanced features, Myrias empowers businesses to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and maintain compliance in today’s competitive market landscape.

Micro Weighing Solutions (MWS) can offer tailored weighing solutions that integrate Myrias recipe formulation software. With a commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, MWS ensures seamless integration of cutting-edge technology to meet the unique needs of each client. Don’t hesitate to reach out to MWS today for a no-obligation quote and take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your production processes.


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