Calbee Group UK Invests £12m in Seabrook Crisps Facility Expansion

In a bid to meet burgeoning demand and bolster its position in the United Kingdom snacking market, Calbee Group UK has unveiled ambitious plans to inject £12 million into its Seabrook Crisps manufacturing facility located in Bradford

Following the green light from authorities, this two-phase development is poised to revolutionise Seabrook’s production capacity, marking a significant stride forward for the renowned snack brand.

The investment drive will see the integration of state-of-the-art equipment, propelling output by a staggering 70%. Complementing this enhancement, Calbee will embark on constructing a sprawling 3,000 square-metre cooking and preparation warehouse, alongside a 1,000 square-metre storage facility at the site. 

Such strategic manoeuvres are meticulously crafted to not only cater to the burgeoning appetite for crinkle-cut crisps but also to diversify the product range, including the expansion of the beloved Harvest Snaps brand.

This audacious move follows hot on the heels of a previous investment at Calbee’s Deeside site earlier in the year, where a hefty £3 million was allocated to fortify product capabilities and augment snack capacity. 

With crisps reigning supreme in the UK snacking hierarchy, boasting a commanding 76% market share, the timing couldn’t be more opportune for such a bold endeavour.

According to industry titan Mintel, UK retail sales for crisps, savoury snacks, and nuts are primed to soar beyond £7 billion by 2028, underscoring the immense growth potential within this space. 

Currently, Seabrook prides itself on an array of delectable flavours and snack formats, catering to diverse palates and preferences across the nation. From traditional salt and vinegar to innovative seasonal offerings, Seabrook’s commitment to culinary creativity remains unwavering.

In addition to meeting the surging demand for its signature crinkle-cut crisps, Calbee is also focused on enhancing its sustainability efforts. The new facilities will be equipped with cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies, reducing the environmental footprint while maximising production efficiency.

Commenting on the monumental undertaking, the Managing Director of Calbee UK expressed palpable excitement, hailing the planning approval as a pivotal milestone. They expressed that this signals a significant leap forward for Calbee UK; their unwavering commitment to crafting delicious crisps and snacks at affordable prices has struck a chord with both retailers and consumers alike.

They further elaborated that their focus now lies in ramping up the capacity of their core crisps range, building upon the extensive array of snacks they introduced earlier this year. Furthermore, by aligning with the snacking habits of consumers, they are poised to realise their long-term vision of scale and expansion.

In summation, Calbee Group UK’s visionary investment in the Seabrook Crisps manufacturing facility not only underscores their commitment to innovation but also heralds a new era of growth and prosperity. 

With consumer preferences at the forefront, this strategic move positions Calbee as a formidable force within the dynamic landscape of the UK snacking industry, promising an array of tantalising treats to delight taste buds nationwide.

News Credits: Seabrook Crisps to increase output 70% with £12m investment in Bradford facility

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