Samworth Brothers Acquires The Real Wrap Co

In a strategic move set to redefine the landscape of the food industry, leading food producer Samworth Brothers has announced its acquisition of The Real Wrap Co, marking a significant milestone for both companies. 

The acquisition, made for an undisclosed fee, solidifies Samworth Brothers’ position as a powerhouse in the realm of food-to-go products while propelling The Real Wrap Co into a new era of growth and innovation.

Established in 2010 by co-founders Phillippe Gill and Jason Howell, The Real Wrap Co swiftly emerged as a beacon of culinary excellence, specialising in a diverse array of sandwiches, wraps, and salads. 

With its base nestled in the heart of Avonmouth, Bristol, the company’s commitment to quality and innovation quickly earned it a sterling reputation within the industry.

Samworth Brothers’ initial foray into The Real Wrap Co came in 2023 when it secured a minority stake in the burgeoning company. However, on 17 April, a spokesperson for Samworth Brothers confirmed the acquisition of the remaining shares, signalling a bold step towards further collaboration and growth.

One of the key highlights of this acquisition is the retention of The Real Wrap Co’ existing management team, including co-founders Gill and Howell, who will continue to lead the charge in driving the company forward. 

What’s more, this continuity ensures that the core values and vision that have defined The Real Wrap Co from its inception will remain firmly intact.

Financially, The Real Wrap Co has demonstrated impressive prowess, boasting a pre-tax profit of £136k and a turnover of £27.5 million for the year ending 31 March 2023. These robust figures underscore the company’s solid performance and potential for continued expansion under the umbrella of Samworth Brothers.

Furthermore, the acquisition positions Samworth Brothers to capitalise on The Real Wrap Co’s innovative product offerings and market presence, complementing its existing portfolio of brands, including Ginsters, West Cornwall Pasty Co, Soreen, and Urban Eat

This diversification strengthens Samworth Brothers’ position as a leader in the food-to-go segment, enhancing its ability to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Reflecting on the acquisition, Samworth Brothers’ group chief executive emphasised the remarkable success story that food to go has become for the company, expressing confidence in the category’s prospects for future growth. 

Furthermore, the alignment of values and focus on quality foods between Samworth Brothers and The Real Wrap Co positions the partnership for unparalleled success.

Echoing this sentiment, Gill and Howell conveyed their excitement about the future prospects of The Real Wrap Co, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with a like-minded partner in Samworth Brothers. 

What’s more, they reaffirmed their commitment to delivering exceptional products while championing the interests of customers, employees, and the environment.

In conclusion, the acquisition of The Real Wrap Co by Samworth Brothers represents a bold strategic move aimed at driving innovation and growth within the food industry. 

With a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, both companies are poised to usher in a new era of culinary excellence, delivering unparalleled value to customers and stakeholders alike.

News Credits: Samworth Brothers acquires The Real Wrap Co

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