Renshaw by Bakels: A New Chapter in Baking History

In a resounding declaration of resilience and renewal, British Bakels proudly unveils the new brand identity for JF Renshaw, marking a significant milestone since its acquisition in December 2023. 

Henceforth, the esteemed manufacturer of fondant icings, marzipan, and an array of cake decorating essentials will bear the distinguished moniker, ‘Renshaw By Bakels’. This transformative rebrand embodies a fusion of legacies, encapsulating over 250 years of combined expertise from two stalwarts in the baking industry.

At the heart of this evolution lies a commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. Embarking on a journey towards a brighter future, Renshaw By Bakels prepares to unveil a cutting-edge website this summer, offering an immersive digital experience that showcases its extensive product portfolio and rich heritage. 

Additionally, robust investments in marketing endeavours, including PR initiatives and digital activations, are poised to amplify the brand’s reach and engagement across diverse consumer segments.

Embracing its storied heritage since 1898, Renshaw By Bakels reaffirms its dedication to quality and excellence. Operating from its esteemed BRC-accredited production facility in Liverpool, the brand stands as a beacon of reliability and precision. 

Here, skilled artisans meticulously craft each batch of product, ensuring unparalleled standards synonymous with its illustrious name. With an annual output of approximately 20,000 tonnes of finished products, Renshaw By Bakels proudly upholds its legacy as a cornerstone of the baking industry.

Reflecting on this monumental renaissance, the Marketing Manager of Renshaw By Bakels expressed profound optimism for the future. Amidst the trials of recent times, the brand emerges stronger, poised to embark on a journey brimming with promise and possibility.

Furthermore, as a headline supporter for Cake International, the world’s leading cake decorating show, Renshaw By Bakels seizes the opportunity to reaffirm its enduring essence, promising to deliver the same beloved quality while unveiling a spectrum of new offerings under its reimagined identity.

Welcoming Renshaw By Bakels into its esteemed fold, British Bakels extends a hand of kinship and solidarity. As a cherished addition to the Bakels Group Worldwide, Renshaw By Bakels symbolises not only a storied legacy but a shared commitment to excellence. 

With unwavering dedication, British Bakels pledges its steadfast support towards the continued growth and success of Renshaw By Bakels, leveraging its global network and resources to propel the brand to new heights of acclaim and recognition.

In essence, the unveiling of Renshaw By Bakels heralds a new dawn in the annals of baking history – a testament to resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication. As two industry titans converge to script a new chapter, the stage is set for a legacy that transcends time, embodying the very essence of craftsmanship and quality.

News Credits: New Renshaw branding unveiled after acquisition by British Bakels

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