I.T.S Unveils New ‘Just Crushed Fruit Taste’ to Revolutionise Flavour Industry

In a seismic shift within the flavour industry, leading specialists I.T.S have announced the expansion of their natural fruit puree range, introducing the groundbreaking ‘just crushed fruit taste.’ 

This innovative line aims to empower food and beverage manufacturers with unparalleled access to authentic fruit flavours, sidestepping the conventional challenges of cost and supply associated with real fruit puree.

The unveiling of this diverse palette of flavours marks a significant milestone, with offerings including the crisp essence of pear, the crisp sweetness of apple, the antioxidant-rich burst of blueberry, the tropical tang of pineapple, and the exotic allure of guava. 

These additions complement last year’s successful releases, including the luscious sweetness of strawberry, the tangy zest of raspberry, the tropical allure of passionfruit, and more. 

Crafted to elevate a wide array of applications ranging from artisanal fruit beers to creamy indulgent ice creams, tangy yoghurts, and decadent baked treats, these new additions are not only allergen-free but also meticulously crafted to meet the dietary preferences of vegan consumers.

Speaking on the launch, the visionary founder of I.T.S underscored a pivotal consumer shift towards authentic fruit flavours, steering away from overly processed confectionery styles. They expressed that consumers yearn for genuine experiences and their ‘just crushed fruit taste’ encapsulates the essence of pure, unadulterated authenticity.

However, amidst this burgeoning demand for natural flavours, challenges persist in the form of limited fruit availability and volatile pricing dynamics. The resultant costs associated with sourcing fruit puree can often prove prohibitive for manufacturers, necessitating a more pragmatic and sustainable approach.

In response, I.T.S’s latest innovation stands as a beacon of ingenuity, bridging the chasm between consumer desires and industry constraints. By offering a cost-effective and stable alternative to traditional fruit purees, I.T.S empowers manufacturers to meet evolving consumer preferences without compromising on quality or flavour authenticity.

To conclude, with the launch of their ‘just crushed fruit taste,’ I.T.S not only heralds a new chapter in flavour innovation but also redefines the very essence of authenticity in the modern palate. 

As consumers increasingly gravitate towards unadulterated flavours, I.T.S emerges as a trailblazer, reshaping industry norms and setting new standards of excellence. In each tantalising sip and savoury bite, the essence of real fruit beckons – a testament to I.T.S’s unwavering commitment to flavour craftsmanship and consumer delight.

News Credits: NPD: Warburtons, I.T.S and Wall’s announce product launches

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