UK’s First 100% Recyclable Baby Food Pouch Approved

Baby food pouches are being launched by Little Freddie’s, the UK’s first, designed for curbside recycling.

Sticking points for baby food companies wanting to decrease their environmental impact include flexible food packaging.

The majority of pouches are constructed from multi-layered packaging materials, such as aluminium sandwiched between layers of plastic, which hampers their recyclability.

According to the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), local authorities are unable to recycle this form of packaging due to a lack of resources, infrastructure, or technology.

However, flexible laminate pouches are frequently considered the finest packaging choice for these items.

Enval a chemical recycler, has partnered with the company to reduce the amount of packaging destined for landfill.

Enval has recycled Little Freddie’s pouches into reusable materials for the past years thanks to a closed-loop recycling program.

To date, the initiative has prevented 972,000 pouches from being thrown away.

The pouch is composed of polypropylene (PP), with the spout and cap also being made of this material.

The pouches have been assessed by the OPRL scheme to meet the requirements of their ‘Recycle’ designation, meaning that these pouches will carry a recycle label.

For this reason, they will be processed through kerbside recycling. 

With CarbonCloud, the business has identified a carbon reduction of 0.1kg of product produced using the existing packaging material aluminium laminate. 

Little Freddie is confident that the new packaging material will prevent the equivalent of 2.5 tonnes of trash from being disposed of in landfills over the next year.

The baby food brand intends to extend the mono-material and climate labels across its entire product line.

News Credits: UK’s First Recyclable Baby Food Pouches Developed for Council Collection: ‘Scaled Up, The New Material Will Make a Significant Difference to Total Climate Footprint’ – FoodNavigator.Com

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