Roxanne UK’s Multi-Million Pound Investment

In an exciting development poised to make a significant splash in the bottled water industry, Roxanne UK has unveiled ambitious plans for a multi-million-pound investment in its Aqua Pura bottled water facility located in the idyllic Eden Valley of Cumbria

This strategic move aims to catapult Aqua Pura to new heights, solidifying its position as one of the United Kingdom‘s fastest-growing natural mineral water brands. 

With an unwavering commitment to preserving the region’s pristine aquifer, fostering innovation, and bolstering the local economy, Roxanne UK is charting a course toward sustainability, technological excellence, and economic vitality.

Aqua Pura’s Transformation Unveiled

At the core of this groundbreaking endeavour lies the transformation of the Eden Valley site, a facility with a storied 30-year history. The cornerstone of this revitalisation effort is the introduction of an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art five-litre bottling line. 

This innovation is set to meet the ever-evolving consumer demands in the bottled water market and boost Aqua Pura’s production capabilities to unprecedented levels.

To complement this groundbreaking development, three existing production lines are undergoing extensive upgrades, poised to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and enhance the quality of Aqua Pura products, with these upgrades representing Roxanne UK’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence to consumers.

The Rise of Robotics: Aqua Pura’s High-Tech Warehouse

A pivotal addition to the facility is the installation of an advanced automated warehouse, equipped with an impressive fleet of 13 robot laser-guided vehicles (LGVs). 

These highly sophisticated robots play a crucial role in the seamless management of stock within the expansive warehouse. With remarkable precision and efficiency, they optimise the storage and retrieval of Aqua Pura products, all while minimising errors and maximising productivity. 

This investment underscores Roxanne UK’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation within the industry.

Guardians of Cumbria’s Aquifer: A Pledge to Sustainability

Aqua Pura’s Eden Valley facility is nestled above one of the largest aquifers in the UK, a vital natural resource deserving of unwavering protection. 

Roxanne UK’s commitment to safeguarding this invaluable asset extends well beyond the factory floor. The company has recently acquired an additional 221 acres of land adjoining the site, a strategic move aimed at preserving the land above the aquifer and mitigating the risk of local contamination.

The Plant Manager of the Eden Valley facility underscores their dedication to being true custodians of the Cumbrian land and aquifer by stating that their commitment to preserving the water source is paramount. They further emphasise that this mission is intrinsically linked to their pursuit of cutting-edge technology and robotics, which not only enhances their efficiency but also attracts top-tier talent to their team. 

These simultaneous investments will not only further their business growth but also provide vital support to the local economy for years to come.

Aqua Pura’s Expanding Horizon

The Eden Valley bottling plant stands as a true industry powerhouse, producing over an astounding 400 million bottles of natural mineral water each year. With the infusion of this substantial investment, the facility is poised to expand its capacity, ensuring it remains at the forefront of meeting the ever-growing demands of its discerning customers. 

Thanks to its colossal 60-metre, fully automated production line, it currently fills an astonishing 64,000 bottles of water per hour. This figure is set to rise even further, as Aqua Pura prepares to meet and exceed market fluctuations and consumer expectations.

Moreover, the introduction of 13 highly efficient robots onto the factory floor has brought a substantial reduction in the brand’s fulfilment operation risks. Roxanne UK’s forward-thinking approach to technology is not only revolutionising the industry but also ensuring the consistent quality and reliability of Aqua Pura products.

Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

In an inspiring vision of the future, Roxanne UK is actively exploring the feasibility of installing solar panels at the facility. 

This eco-friendly initiative is poised to enable the Aqua Pura brand to be produced with 100% renewable energy

What’s more, this ambitious plan aligns perfectly with the company’s broader commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint.

In conclusion

Roxanne UK’s multi-million-pound investment in its Aqua Pura bottled water facility in the enchanting Eden Valley of Cumbria represents a profound commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community enrichment. 

This transformative initiative not only secures the brand’s future growth but also safeguards the precious aquifer of the Eden Valley, ensuring the region remains an abundant source of pure, natural mineral water for generations to come. 

As Aqua Pura surges ahead, it sets a shining example of how industry leadership and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand, promising a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Roxanne UK’s bold steps serve as a testament to their vision, promising to shape the future of bottled water production for years to come.

News Credits: Aqua Pura owners announce multi-million pound investment in Cumbria site

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