Veganuary: Subway Launched Partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher

Subway recently unveiled its new Plant-based Teriyaki Steak Sub, a product of their collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher. Launched on the 4th of January 2023 and lasting until February 28th, these tasty treats will be available in Subway stores throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland! 

Subway’s collaboration with Vegetarian Butcher marks another crucial milestone in their ongoing quest to provide customers with delicious and vegetarian-friendly options.

Celebrating the increasing trend of plant-based alternatives, Subway has crafted a vegan product modelled after their iconic Philly-steak sandwich. This is one of several menu innovations from Subway to accommodate customer desires for more veggie options. The Plant-based Teriyaki Steak Sub ensures that all palates, preferences and textures are satisfied – vegans, meat eaters alike can savour the same delicious flavours without making any sacrifices.

For over twelve months now, Subway and The Vegetarian Butcher – a global leader in producing plant-based meats – have been creating culinary masterpieces. They took some of the most beloved ingredients from Subway’s menu and turned them into delicious meatless alternatives with no sacrifice to flavour or texture. With their collective expertise working alongside the team at Subway, The Vegetarian Butcher has crafted scrumptious ‘meat’ made entirely out of plants that mimics traditional meats without any compromises.

News Credits: Subway launches new European partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher

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