Surging Demand for Smart Crops in UK

A report by GlobalData, a data and analytics company, says that climate change and population growth will surge demand for “smart crops” in order to meet increased food demands. It says that by 2030, farms in the UK will become smart, producing more food on less land.

According to the report, farms will need to collect and analyse a massive amount of data from their crops and livestock in order to get the best results.

For example, to grow wheat in a field effectively, data on growth rate, nutritional content, fluid intake and soil quality should be collected via numerous sensors.

Technology platforms that use the internet of things (IoT) and automation will receive this data, which will in turn allow crops to regulate themselves.

In terms of the number of patents, the agricultural drone industry is revealed to be growing much faster than non-military segments. Agricultural drone related patents have experienced a 14-fold increase between 2015 and 2021.

The report also says that current young farmers would need to upskill themselves to give themselves an edge.


News Credits: ‘Smart crops’ to meet surging demand in food, report predicts

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