Reviving a Classic: The Transformation of a 40-Year-Old Avery Scale into a Digital Marvel

In the world of industrial weighing equipment, innovation and adaptability are key factors that determine a company’s success. At Micro Weighing Solutions, these are qualities we live and breathe, thanks to engineers like Daniel Brown. Daniel recently undertook an inspiring project that showcased not only his technical ability but also his dedication to coming up with solutions for clients that extend the life of their weighing equipment.

Antique mechanical Avery scaleIn this interview, we dive into the remarkable journey of how Daniel brought a 40-year-old mechanical Avery scale into the modern day using digital technology.

A Blast from the Past

The journey of this scale began when it was unceremoniously abandoned outside the MWS premises. As Daniel explains, “When I first started working at MWS, this scale was just knocking about the warehouse, without any real purpose other than just taking up space.”

The scale is nearly 40 years old by Daniel’s estimate. An antique in the world of weighing equipment, it could still handle weights of up to 60kg. Originally designed for versatile use, this mechanical scale had served a multitude of purposes in its prime, primarily focused on weighing heavy items in rough conditions.

The Transformation

Antique mechanical Avery scale converted to a digital scale

The real magic happened when Daniel decided to convert the aging mechanical scale into a digital powerhouse. “What I did,” he explained, “is remove the clock dial and also strip the cabinet and all the mechanisms in there. Then, I installed a simple s-load cell and a DFWL digital indicator.” Astonishingly, this transformation took a mere three hours, a testament to Daniel’s expertise honed over 20 years in the weighing industry.

The Benefits of Going Digital

When asked about the advantages of the digital conversion, Daniel highlighted the limitations of mechanical scales, often referred to as “estimate scales.” These scales, although reasonably accurate, required users to make adjustments based on estimations. Daniel emphasised, “Converting it to digital gives you a much more accurate weight.” This accuracy, combined with the scale’s robust design, made it ideal for rugged industrial use.

Daniel advises customers not to automatically replace their old scales with modern ones but to opt for a conversion instead. “Just like the scales we manufacture at MWS, these old mechanical scales were built to last. By converting it to digital, the scale can last another 60 years with very little maintenance required.” This sustainability is essential, especially considering that these mechanical scales are no longer in production.

Passion for Innovation

Antique mechanical Avery scale converted to a digital scale

As the interview concluded, Daniel expressed his passion for converting mechanical scales to digital. He saw it as an opportunity to share his knowledge and help his colleagues learn a valuable skill. “I do enjoy it,” he admitted. “Some of the younger engineers didn’t know much about converting mechanical scales to digital, so it was a good learning experience for them. I am always happy to share my knowledge across the team.”

Daniel’s project exemplifies the dedication and ingenuity present at Micro Weighing Solutions. Through the transformation of a 40-year-old scale, Daniel not only breathed new life into a classic but also paved the way for more sustainable weighing solutions in the modern age. His story is a testament to our commitment to sustainable innovation and customer satisfaction.