Elkes Biscuits Rises to New Heights, Announces 250 Job Openings

In an inspiring transformation, Elkes Biscuits, the storied biscuit manufacturer based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, is set to embark on a major hiring initiative following a year of astounding sales growth. Under new ownership since March 2022, Elkes has undergone a remarkable resurgence, underpinned by a substantial £1 million investment in state-of-the-art equipment. 

This strategic infusion of funds has revolutionised their capabilities, enhancing wrapping, ingredient handling, and chocolate application processes. The culmination of these efforts will be a highly anticipated brand relaunch scheduled for the upcoming year.

The last 12 months have been nothing short of extraordinary for Elkes Biscuits. Sales figures have skyrocketed, fueled by a potent combination of innovative product launches and the unwavering popularity of their existing range. 

As a direct result of this unprecedented growth, Elkes is currently in the process of recruiting 110 operational and managerial staff, with positions ranging from electrical engineers and technicians to packers, machine operators, skill trainers, department managers, and hygiene operatives. 

And the momentum shows no signs of slowing down; by early 2024, Elkes foresees the creation of 250 new job opportunities, a testament to their commitment to growth and excellence.

Elkes Biscuits is renowned for producing a delectable array of own-label biscuits, from timeless classics like custard creams to indulgent favourites like chocolate malted milks, along with a selection of premium options. 

What’s more, the company’s fate took a fortuitous turn when it was acquired by the Boparan Private Office (BPO) in the previous year, joining the esteemed Boparan Holdings family, which oversees an impressive portfolio of food manufacturing firms, including 2 Sisters Food Group and Bernard Matthews.

Reflecting on this remarkable resurgence, the site’s general manager shared insights into the company’s transformation, stating that their investments in the business and the remarkable sales figures have opened up a world of opportunities for them. Elkes is not just a workplace; it’s a legacy where generations have thrived. 

Furthermore, they also expressed that they are extending a warm invitation to the local community to consider becoming a part of their 115-year-old success story, contributing to products that are loved and cherished by all.

Impressively, Elkes Biscuits is deeply rooted in the local community, proudly serving as one of the town’s largest employers. Looking ahead, the horizon is filled with promise, as the company prepares for the much-anticipated relaunch of the Elkes Biscuits brand in 2024. Moreover, this revitalised brand promises uncompromising quality and exceptional value, a welcome proposition in a time when every penny counts for shoppers.

As the future beckons with eager anticipation, Elkes Biscuits is poised to continue its extraordinary journey of resurgence and growth, offering delectable delights and alluring job opportunities to the Uttoxeter community and beyond. 

News Credits: Biscuit manufacturer hopes to boost workforce by 50% in six months

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