UK Brewing Sector To Be Net Zero

UK Brewers have expanded their efforts to be more environmentally-friendly by launching a detailed roadmap that will help the sector achieve net zero carbon emissions.

The Zero Carbon Forum and the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) launched a roadmap at the beginning of COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt aimed to reduce emissions for brewers. With guidance for breweries on how they can support net zero emissions, this well-designed roadmap is already having an impact.

The report details the specific actions needed to be taken, from optimising hot liquor systems to decarbonizing ingredients and transportation fleets. It also highlights the support that will be required from the government in order for the sector to achieve net zero emissions.

The last version of this roadmap was published in 2021 and outlines the sector’s response to COP26 as well as the unique challenges and opportunities that come with decarbonizing brewing supply chains.

“Through the Zero Carbon Forum, the brewing sector is collaborating to identify and implement all the actions it can take to cut carbon to net zero. Many of the initiatives detailed in this enhanced roadmap will also improve efficiency, grow sales and de-risk supply chains, helping Brewer’s survive the immediate crises as well as tackle the climate crises”, said Mark Chapman, Chief Executive of Zero Carbon Forum. 


News Credits: UK brewers focus on pathway to net zero

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