An Introduction to UKCA Marking for Weighing Scales

If you have noticed, weighing scales have a code or mark on them called the UKCA Mark. This is a stamp that stands for a set of regulations and standards that must be followed when providing certain products to the UK market. 

The purpose of this post is to provide a brief overview of what UKCA marking is and how it affects manufacturers and suppliers of weighing scales 

What is UKCA Marking? 

UKCA marking stands for “United Kingdom Conformity Assessment” which is used in place of the CE (Conformité Européenne) mark as the new certification process for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain. It became mandatory on January 1st, 2021 as part of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU). The purpose of this certification process is to demonstrate that products meet minimum safety requirements set by governments. 

Who Does UKCA Marking Affect? 

UKCA marking affects manufacturers and suppliers who offer certain goods into Great Britain. The goods affected include products such as weighing scales and equipment, electrical equipment, medical equipment, toys, lifts, pressure vessels, gas appliances, and more. 

Each product must have its own unique set of standards that must be met before it can be certified by an approved body. Manufacturers or suppliers who wish to sell these goods into Great Britain must ensure they comply with these standards before doing so.

How UKCA Marking Affects Weighing Scales 

For those in the weighing scale industry, UKCA marking affects them directly by requiring their products to be certified according to specific standards before they can be sold into Great Britain. In order for a manufacturer or supplier to sell their weighing scales in Great Britain, they must first have their scales tested and certified by an approved body—such as BSI or TUV—in accordance with applicable standards for accuracy, precision, etc., before placing them on the market in Great Britain. This ensures that all weighing scales entering Great Britain meet minimum safety requirements set by the government and are safe for use by consumers.  

Buying a weighing scale with UKCA ensures that the product is safe and compliant with all the applicable standards. If a manufacturer or supplier does not have their products certified, then they risk the chance of being fined by BEIS for non-compliance. All the scales at MWS have UKCA marking and comply with the applicable standards.


Ultimately, UKCA marking is a necessary step for manufacturers and suppliers who wish to sell certain goods—including weighing scales—into Great Britain.

By meeting applicable standards and having their products tested by an approved body prior to placing them on the market in Great Britain, manufacturers can ensure their products meet all safety requirements set forth by local regulations while also protecting themselves from potential legal implications down the road.