Britvic’s Announcing Their £13 Million Investment in Canning Line

Exciting news for the local business sector! British beverage giant, Britvic, is delighted to announce an additional £13 million investment into a fifth canning line at its Rugby factory. Excitingly, this move is projected to generate up to 20 new jobs in engineering and manufacturing, as well as offering apprentices the opportunity of full-time employment with the company.

After a massive £40 million investment over the past two years, this production site has become one of Europe’s top five largest producers of soft drinks.

In November 2019, Britvic completed a £250 million investment in its British supply chain as part of their overarching business continuity plan – emphasising the Group’s strong dedication to furthering and improving their operations. This new announcement has been made following a colossal previous £27 million investment in the factory’s canning line, and another £19 million upgrade of Britvic’s national distribution centre last year.

Since the factory’s inception in 2002, it has grown exponentially and now produces a staggering 700 million litres of soft drinks annually, accounting for 80% of all Britvic-owned beverages. In order to generate more of the UK’s favourite drinks, such as Tango and Pepsi MAX, this new setup will give them an additional 14% capacity, which totals up to approximately 80,000 recyclable 330ml cans per hour!

By situating the new canning line at Rugby, Britvic is able to remain near its customers while still enjoying all of the local advantages–from nearby raw materials and convenient transportation links, to a vast network of suppliers.

By introducing this new process, Britvic can achieve operational excellence and preserve product quality without spending exorbitantly. Additionally, it reduces the amount of carbon emissions generated by distribution operations- a win for both their business and the environment!

Britvic’s £13 million investment in Britain’s biggest soft drink production facility clearly demonstrates its dedication to providing job opportunities while elevating its operations through modern technology and optimal processes.

For those aspiring to pursue a career in engineering or manufacturing, now is an opportune time to embark on this journey, with 20 new jobs being offered, combined with apprenticeship programs specially catered for young individuals interested in breaking into this field. Fantastic opportunities are being created!

By investing in its British supply chain as part of its business continuity plan, Britvic not only demonstrates a commitment to delivering high-quality products for customers around the world but also creates positive economic impact locally!

News Credits: Britvic announces £13m canning line investment

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