Aldi Scraps Best Before Dates On Fruit And Veggies

Aldi says it will no longer display best before dates on its fresh fruit and vegetables in a bid to cut down on food waste. 

As part of the supermarket’s goal to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025 and halve it by 2030, they are implementing this policy change. The German supermarket chain says the move will help reduce the amount of perfectly good food that is thrown away each year.

Aldi is collaborating with Neighbourly to provide approximately 700,000 meals during the summer holidays as part of its food waste reduction initiative. It has also teamed up with surplus food app ‘Too Good To Go’ in a bid to collect items that are approaching their sell-by date and turn them into ‘Magic Bags‘ for £3.30 each. Both these moves are part of Aldi’s commitment to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025. 

Aldi is following in the footsteps of other supermarkets who have also made changes to their fruit and vegetable labelling in order to reduce food waste. Sainsbury’s removed best before dates from more than 70 of its own-brand products earlier this year, while Morrisons stopped using them on milk packaging by January 2022.


News Credits: Aldi to scrap best before dates on fruit and veg

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