7-Point FDF Action Plan to Deal with Economic Crisis

The Scottish Food and Drink Federation (FDF) urges to follow a seven-point action plan to help avoid further food price increases during the current economic crisis. The advice comes as the new prime minister was urged to rein in rising energy costs, which the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers said are threatening small meat businesses. 

The plan also included short-term energy crisis support for the food and drink industry to lessen the expected triple-digit percentage increases in energy bills businesses will face. Furthermore, they proposed investing more in chemical recycling to process a wider variety of plastic packaging and prevent even more products from being sent to landfill.

A full list of the seven proposals is below.

  1. Pause plans to restrict the promotion and marketing of food high in fat, salt or sugar
  2. Stop plans that mean illegal littering increases the cost of food for everyone
  3. Provide short-term energy crisis support for food and drink
  4. Invest in chemical recycling
  5. Invest in carbon dioxide production
  6. Provide longer-term funding to support food and drink productivity.
  7. Work with our closest neighbours on a policy that enables the food and drink industry to invest and grow

News Credits: FDF Action plan sets out to prevent further food price increases

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