Fully Recyclable Fibre Bottle to Replace Plastics

Cullen Packaging, an eco-friendly packaging manufacturer in the UK, launches a shelf-ready product that converts 270 million FMCG plastic packages into a 100% sustainable solution at a commercial scale. 

To meet increasing demand from multinational food chains, major supermarkets, and the NHS in the United Kingdom, Cullen has unveiled a new generation of environmentally friendly packaging. Cullen is Europe’s only moulding-fibre-and-corrugated-packaging integrated producer.

‘The Fibre Bottle’, as it is aptly named, can be used to store dry goods such as vitamins, supplements, dry foods, homecare and other products. The new innovation, to be used instead of single-use plastic bottles or pouches, helps to reduce the amount of pollution and trash produced yearly by 270m bottles per year!

Unlike its plastic counterpart, the pioneering Fibre Bottle is constructed of 100% natural matter, recycled cardboard, and water, which makes it biodegradable and compostable. 

The Fibre Bottle is now available for purchase in bulk, and Cullen has already produced millions of bottles for the healthcare sector across 34 countries. The sustainable units will be made affordably and quickly at a commercial scale, upon approval. Thus, Cullen’s sustainable alternatives will allow more brands to seamlessly replace plastic.


News Credits: UK innovator Cullen Unveils Fully Recyclable Fibre Bottle in Fight Against Single-Use Plastic Packaging

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