Cultivated Meat Company Opens Mega Production Plant

Ivy Farm, the cultivated meat company, has opened its new pilot production plant in the UK that features the latest and greatest technology, to mass produce their products more easily. 

Ivy Farm’s cultivated meat is made using animal cells, rather than from whole animals. The company says that its products have the same taste and texture as conventional meat, but are produced without the need to rear or slaughter animals. 

The firm’s new 18,000 sq ft factory is located near to the Oxford University Engineering Department, where it was initially formed. A bioreactor of 600L capacity is located at the site, which will be used to cultivate approximately 6,000 lbs (2.8 tonnes) of meat per year. According to the firm, it also allows for finer optimization of the novel production method.

The new plant will help boost their research and development capabilities. This next phase in the advancement of Ivy Farms Technology will also allow them to scale up production so that consumers around the globe can have access to this product.

The new factory has been built with recycling in mind; from the materials used for construction to solar panels providing power and EV chargers for employee vehicles.

Ivy Farm CEO Rich Dillion  said: “Making real meat in a new and more sustainable way has never been done at real scale and so the completion of the pilot plant, R&D facility, new office and innovation kitchen represents a really exciting milestone on our growth journey as a company”.

Ivy Farm’s products are not yet available to purchase, but the company is planning to launch  a “limited edition” range soon. In 2021, the firm said that cultured meat in the form of meatballs and sausages could be found on dinner tables by 2023. The products will be available to purchase online and in selected retailers.


News Credits: Cultivated meat company opens production plant in UK

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