World’s First Cultivate Lamb Developed

Future Meat Technologies, a food tech company, has developed the ‘world’s first’ cultivated lamb that is indistinguishable from regular ground lamb in taste and texture.

The product was tailored to the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets in mind and is ideal for burgers and kebabs.

This recent discovery with ovine cell lines means that the company can mass-produce cultivated lamb and refocus its innovation efforts on developing other animal species.

“The key learnings will be leveraged as we work to produce other meats, including beef and pork, increasing Future Meat’s market offerings for customers”, says Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, Chief Executive of Future Meat. 

As the business gets ready to enter the United States, Future Meat will concentrate on scaling up production of its cultivated meat products-including lamb and chicken-at a new facility that is expected to break ground in 2022.

Future Meat’s goal is to create a more sustainable and ethical food system that meets the demands of a growing population. The company’s focus on developing the perfect cultivated lamb product came as the world began to change its meat-eating habits. The rise of flexitarian and vegetarian diets, along with the environmental impact of livestock farming, has put pressure on the meat industry to find more sustainable ways of producing food.


News Credits: Future meat develops ‘world’s first’ cultivate lamb


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